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3 steps to successfully launch your productized service

I recently had a conversation with Laura who recently launched her productized service.

She asked me: How should I launch my service?

She had no network, no prior connections, and also no case studies.

I sent her a quick email with a few tips and decided to turn that email into a blog post.

I gave her the following 3-step launch plan to launch her productized service:

1. Get feedback from potential clients

When you’re launching, you have a lot of assumptions:

  • Do clients need this service?
  • How much should I charge for my service?
  • How many packages should I create?
  • Who should I target for this service?

The best way to answer those questions is to reach out to prospective clients.

Ask questions such as:

  • Do you need this service?
  • What do you think of this service?
  • I am looking for feedback on this service for companies like yours… Would you use it?
  • How do you currently do X or Y for your business?
  • What’s your biggest challenge doing X or Y?
  • What’s the biggest pain point you’re currently experiencing in your business?
  • What do you wish the solution to fix X or Y would look like?
  • How much are you currently spending on X or Y?

The idea of those questions is to identify problems so you can understand better whether your solution would solve it for your clients.

Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework

In addition to these questions, a framework for B2B I really like to validate service business ideas is the “Jobs-to-be-Done” framework.

The idea is to understand what is the “Job” of your prospective clients.

Here are some examples of “Jobs” your clients may have:

  • Get more leads from organic search
  • Save more time on their admin tasks
  • Create more video content to get leads

Here’s an example of how you could position your productized service with that framework in mind:

  • Done-for-you content writing to get more leads from organic search
  • Virtual assistant service for $$/month to help you save time
  • Video editing service for $$/month to help you create more content

A little bit like this Super Mario analogy…

Image source

In other words… upgrade your user, not your product.

To conclude, getting feedback will help you:

  • Define who your ideal clients are
  • Understand the problems and pain points of your clients
  • Identify the goals they have in their business and how your solution can help them reach them

Those are really the foundations of starting a successful service business.

How to get feedback for your productized service?

The best way to get feedback for your newly launched productized service is to go where your ideal clients are.

This could be: Communities (Reddit, Facebook groups), professional social networks (LinkedIn for example), or your own network. Reach out to them there!

a) Facebook groups

Step 1: Join relevant Facebook groups

Here’s the results when I searched for “content marketers” :

Step 2: Ask for feedback

Here’s an example of someone asking for feedback:

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b) LinkedIn

A second way of getting feedback is to actually reach out to your ideal clients on LinkedIn.

The best way is to ask a question such as “How do you currently do X or Y at …”

Don’t be sales-y and make sure to personalize each intro and you’ll get replies.

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c) Reddit

Another great way of getting feedback is to ask on Reddit. Reddit is a huge website (

Here’s an example for the /r/SEO subreddit:

Again, don’t be spammy or sales-y. Ask questions and take time to build relationships with people who engage with you.

d) Your own network

Lastly, tapping into your own network can be a great source of feedback. You could ask them to start a free trial of your productized service and ask them if they’d be willing to make a case study in exchange (more on that below!)

2. Create a high-converting marketing site

The second step to launch is to build a high-converting marketing site.

Your marketing site has two goals:

  • Help visitors understand what you do
  • Help visitors trust you

What should you include on your productized service website?

Your site needs to have the following sections:

Here are the basics you need on your website:

  • Tagline: What you do, your value proposition
  • Customers: Who you are targeting
  • Service : What you offer, how it works
  • Resources: Case studies
  • Samples of your work
  • Pricing
  • Call to action: Book a call/demo, get started

How to create trust on your productized service website

Next step, you’ll have to ensure that visitors trust you.

  • Past clients / logos of companies you’ve worked with
  • Case studies
  • Your portfolio
  • About us section (with pictures of your team, contact details, …)

Here are some examples of landing pages for your productized service.

3. Cold outreach (Email or LinkedIn)

The third step to successfully launch is to reach out to your ideal clients. Cold outreach, via LinkedIn or email is a great way to do that.

Why cold outreach is a great way to get B2B clients

Cold outreach is one of the quickest way to get results and you’ll be directly in front of your potential clients. Outreach and sales are a great way to do B2B sales, so it works well for productized services.

You can either decide to do LinkedIn outreach or email outreach.

Build a list of prospects (research them on Google or with databases), craft personalized messages for each of them, and get them on a video call where you can answer their question and show how your service works.

Wrapping up…

Getting feedback and validating your value proposition / positioning is key to launch your productized service.

Here’s why: Finding your ideal clients and their problems will make selling your services much easier.

Once you know who they are and what problems they want solved, your marketing activities will be easier, and your clients will likely stick longer as well if you can deliver well your services.

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