Client portal software for agencies

Now your clients can access everything in one place: Invoices, services, forms, messages and files.

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An end-to-end solution for agencies

1. Clients sign up via your website

Embed our checkout forms on your website or share them directly, and allow clients to sign up and pay automatically.


  1. Create your own branded client portal
    Add a logo, payment options, create services and subscription plans.
  2. Offer live chat
    Chat to clients in real time, build better relationships and increase conversion.

2. Requests are submitted through your client portal

Clients can submit requests using forms you create.


  1. Get email and in-app notifications for updates
    Receive alerts for new clients, requests, comments, and cancellations so you can win clients back!
  2. Track progress and due dates
    Know when a request has been submitted, is in progress, pending a response or completed.
  3. Collect client feedback
    Review client feedback for completed requests by team member so you can improve client satisfaction.

3. Clients are billed automatically

All subscription renewals are handled automatically. Clients can also purchase additional services or upgrade to a different subscription plan at any time.

What others are saying

  • 5

    The number one biggest benefit of ManyRequests is having everything in one place! I love being able to see the revenue that’s coming in, how many active customers we have, how many projects we have going, what are daily project amount is…. and all our comms in one spot! It’s great to have a tool that’s all encompassing.

    Benjamin Williams
    55 Knots
  • 5
    The biggest benefit of ManyRequests has to be the way that customers can come into the system and monitor their own tasks and communicate with us... none of the other softwares let us do that in a way that we wanted to so that's the biggest benefit for us.  
    Brian Patterson
    Seller Candy