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117 Profitable Service Business Ideas

Want to start an online service-based business or start an agency?

Here are 117 examples of services you can sell online, in 6 different categories.

Why we made this list:

1. To inspire you.

Lots of entrepreneurs mention that one of their biggest obstacle to starting a company is finding what to work on. This list gives you not only ideas, but also examples of real successful businesses built on those ideas.

2. To show you can build a successful business around one service.

You don’t need to do more (or offer more) to be successful when running a service business. Pick one service (e.g. Website-as-a-service), one niche (e.g. Lawyers) and get started (e.g. Done-for-you websites for lawyers).

E-commerce services ideas:

E-commerce is a huge industry that is projected to grow to 6.54 trillion (yes, trillion) US dollars by 2022.

Can you grab a slice of this by helping e-commerce sellers with one of their tasks?

Take marketplaces for example: Etsy,  Amazon, Red Bubble, PoshMark, Teespring) or any e-commerce platforms (Shopify or Woocommerce are two examples that come to mind), you can probably build a service just for one marketplace or platform and be successful with that.

Examples of e-commerce services:

1. Image retouching
2. Product photography (Outshinery, Feedsauce)
3. Product description
4. Email newsletters for e-commerce stores
5. Pinterest product image creation
6. Product listing and inventory management
7. Store maintenance service (Tailry)
9. Product research
10. Store migration service

Content and Design services ideas:

Content is the fuel of the Internet.

Whether it’s getting found on search results with blog posts, helping sales team perform better with custom long form sales letter or email newsletters to nurture an audience —  you name it, content is a key part of the internet.

Examples of content and design services:

11. Small graphic design tasks (Hatchly)
12. Content repurposing (Repurpose House)
13. Blog post writing service (Contentago)
14. Case study service (Case Study Buddy)
15. Podcast production service
16. Translation services
17. Podcast editing service
18. Video editing service (Video Husky)
19. Presentation design
20. Logo design (PhotoLogo)
21. Landing page design
22. Infographics design
23. Ebook writing service (Content Gravy)
24. Animations (55Knots)
25. Display banner design (GetAds)
26. Explainer video
27. How-to / tutorial videos
28. Illustrations
29. Copywriting service
30. Branding assets service
31. Brochures service
32. Blog post to Youtube video
33. Video snippets for social media
34. Onboarding video for new staff
35. Product videos
36. Voice over service
37. 3d rendering service
38. 2d rendering service
39. 3d video walkthrough
40. Product wireframes
41. Website to app service
42. Blog article translation
43. Instagram story design
44. Zoom background design
45. Speech writing service
46. Creative story writing
47. T-shirt design
48. Book cover design

Marketing services ideas:

Another big category of online services are marketing services. From setting up a content writing strategy, to optimizing a website for SEO, or simply creating a lead generation services, the opportunities are endless.

Examples of marketing services:

49. List building
50. Marketing strategy
51. Content marketing strategy (KoalaRank)
52. Link building
53. Local SEO
54. SEO optimisation service
55. Video SEO audit
56. Blogger outreach service
57. Appointment setting service
58. Social media management
59. Lead generation service
60. Email marketing service
61. PR service
62. Keyword research for blog content
63. Competitor SEO analysis
64. Technical content
65. Facebook ads
66. Other ads (Reddit, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn)
67. Sales copy
68. Guest posting as a service
69. Ultimate guide service
70. Video case studies
71. Business Intelligence and reporting service
72. Marketing tool set up service
73. Sales funnels service
74. Podcast appointment service
75. Social media calendar set up
76. Instagram feed design 

Virtual assistant service ideas:

Virtual assistant services: From appointment setting, to research, as well as other administrative tasks is another great type of service to offer online.

Examples of virtual assistant services:

77. Appointment scheduling
78. Email cleanup service
79. HR virtual assistant (job posting, interviews, payroll,contract, …)
80. Facebook group moderation service
81. Research
82. Updating contacts
83. Scheduling tasks and planning
84. Creating reports
85. Customer service
86. Virtual assistant matching service (Elly)
87. Executive assistant service
88. Data entry
89. Technical support
90. Software tester service
91. Customer review management
92. Expense management service
93. Zoom meeting minutes

Website services ideas:

Most of websites need a payment gateway, newsletter set up, some landing pages as well as updates and maintenance.

One of such services, WPCurve, was actually acquired by GoDaddy.

Example of website services:

94. Website installation service (
95. Website speed up service
96. Landing page reviews
97. Website maintenance services
98. Landing page copywriting
99. Website-as-a-service (TheChurchCo)
100. Design to code service (DevOnDemand)
101. No-code automations service
102. Landing page development service
103. Plugin installation service
104. Website migration service

Other services ideas:

Here are some other services we couldn’t really fit into any niches. From bookkeping, to naming-as-a-service, as well as market and competitor research.

Examples of other services:

105. Bookkeeping service (Bean Ninjas)
106. Company incorporation service (Sleek)
107. UX / conversion review service (Conversion crimes)
108. Market and competitor research
109. Investor pitching service
110. Business plan service
111. Business name idea service
112. Business slogan service
113. Company notion board service
114. Resume improvement service
115. User interview and positioning service
116. Survey participants recruitment
117. Beta reading service

Want to start a service business too?

We hope this article gave you some inspiration.

On top of our client portal for agencies and online service businesses, we also run an awesome free community of service based service entrepreneurs called Productize Community.

Join us and let us know what you’re building, we’ll see you on the inside.

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