Security Overview


We believe that an agency help desk and client portal software is a critical part of your business and we take security of customer data extremely seriously. We host ManyRequests using comprehensively hardened infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms from Amazon Web Services.

In addition, ManyRequests provides a full suite of tools and features which enable businesses to manage exactly what data ManyRequests records and stores.

Key point: you control what data ManyRequests records and stores.

Product security


Accessing any ManyRequests data is restricted to authorized users that are authenticated using the AWS standards-based Identity Provider. These passwords are encrypted one-way with PBKDF2-SHA256 encryption method and kept securely on AWS database servers. All identity and access management is done directly with these servers and there is no way for ManyRequests to know to know a user’s password as they’re encrypted at signup time.


ManyRequests supports multiple permission levels for internal users and client users. Permission level changes can only be made by admins (internal admin users and client admin users).

Physical security

ManyRequests production data is processed and stored within world-renowned data centers that use state-of-the-art multilayer access, alerting, and auditing measures. ManyRequests does not own any physical servers. 100% of the data is processed and kept on servers provided by AWS.

System security

Servers and networking

All ManyRequests servers and structured datastores use managed infrastructure services provided and secured by Amazon. Our web servers encrypt data in transit using the industry standard for HTTPS security (TLS 1.2) so that requests are protected from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks. Our SSL certificates are 2048 bit RSA, signed with SHA256.


All persistent data is encrypted at rest using industry-standard AES-256 algorithms.

Operational security

Code Reviews and Production Deployment

All changes to source code are subject to automated testing and any that affect security require pre-commit code review by a qualified engineering peer that includes security, performance, and potential-for-abuse analysis.

All code is deployed to a staging environment for quality assurance and automated tests must pass prior to updating production services.

Service Levels, Backups, and Recovery

ManyRequests’ infrastructure utilizes multiple and layered techniques for increasingly reliable uptime, including the use of load balancing and task queues. ManyRequests uses highly redundant datastores, rapid recovery infrastructure, and point-in-time backups making unintentional loss of customer data very unlikely.

Application security

Server and Client Hardening

All ManyRequests servers use Digital Ocean and AWS backed infrastructure which provide load balancing, auto-scaling, and application health monitoring to ensure the application is always running reliably.

On the client side, ManyRequests uses several techniques to ensure the security of the application including JSON web tokens for managing sessions and using secure cookies.

Customer Payment Information

We use Stripe for payment processing and do not store any credit card information. Stripe is a trusted, Level 1 PCI Service Provider. Learn more.

We have been using ManyRequests for about a year, they are the backbone of our business. We can manage clients, team, payments, timelines, projects. The best thing about ManyRequests is that we have everything in one place and that they continuously keep improving the product. We also love the Zapier integration!

Benjamin Williams

It’s been a game changer for our business in terms of streamlining our entire process. We’ve been able to take a client from signup, to onboarding, to fulfillment of the client within one platform. It saved us so much time not having to invoices separately or send onboarding documents/questionnaires outside the platform.

Dan Marzullo
Marzullo & Associates

The best thing of ManyRequests is that our business is much more organized as we have payments, requests, and tasks in one place. The second best thing is that the platform is super user friendly and their customer service is always available. I totally recommend it.

Laura van den Herrewegen

We've been around for over 6 years, we do thousands of designs for thousands of clients every single month. We have researched hundreds of other software options and there is no other software that allows us to operate a graphic design service at scale, like ManyRequests does.

Steve Adams

ManyRequests not only saved us the costs of developing a whole solution for ourselves, but it’s a very smooth solution for clients to log in and communicate on specific tasks, everything is organized, and even the smaller admin tasks that normally fall on project managers such as invoices, adding services, and booking calls with our team can be all be accessed by the client themselves in a self-serve manner.

Anthony Puttee

We currently use ManyRequests to handle all of our design requests and we've done 17000+ requests over the last few years. I love the filters, I love the organization, and it's so clean it allows us to have our branding on it to make ManyRequests look like it's our own which is really great for clients.

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