Task management

Allow clients to submit tasks, automatically assign task to owners, manage tasks by due date, status and more.

Create and track tasks with due dates

Clients can create requests or you can create requests on behalf of your clients with due dates. File attachments can easily be shared within requests, previewed or downloaded. Each request has its own discussion thread for communication and allows clients to tag team members to receive updates.​

Custom request status

Create custom statuses

Create your own custom statuses to match your internal workflow and approval process. Request status will also automatically change when a response is pending from a client.

Automatically assign tasks

Requests can be automatically assigned to an account manager or manually assigned to any team member. Account managers will receive all notifications for requests submitted by their client.​

Ask for feedback

When a task is completed, the client will be prompted to leave a review and rating. You can view and manage feedback by client or team member for coaching purposes.​

Our clients say

"ManyRequests is a project management tool for service-based businesses like mine. Before using ManyRequests, our clients would need to purchase via a website payform, and we’d then have to set them up manually, create and provide login details over email, in which they could finally log in and submit a creative brief. What ManyRequests has enabled me to do is have someone come to my website and purchase, lodge a creative brief straight into ManyRequests, and I can have a designer assigned and working on that brief within minutes."
Benjamin williams
55 Knots
"My service is a task-based service. So with all of our customers, the way that we communicate with them is by individual tasks and sending messages back and forth about those tasks and then closing them out. ManyRequests is a task software that allows customers to submit their tasks and allows our team to handle them. The task system is basically the backbone of our business and that’s what we use right now and it’s going great."
Brian patterson
Seller Candy

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