Client portal onboarding

Automate your onboarding process so clients can go from purchase-to-requests without any interaction. You can create your own service requests forms, onboarding home page and more!

Client onboarding

Customize your onboarding home page to welcome new clients, display onboarding steps and more!

Login screen

User registration and login

Clients automatically receive an account for the client portal when they purchase a service or subscription.​

Checkout forms

We provide you with a checkout form so clients can easily sign up, and pay for services and subscriptions using their credit card via Stripe or accept manual payments.

Service request forms

Streamline the way you collect information for requests so your team can get started straight away! Customize questions, options and upsell add-on services (coming soon)!​

Our clients say

"There has been a massive improvement in uptake in different services without me having to help people through the process. So we’ve had our first couple of automated purchase-to- brief’s without any interaction, and that has just made my day."​
Benjamin williams
55 Knots
"So far, I have to say that the results are positive... It’s easy to close out their tasks and almost none of them email us ever anymore now that we have ManyRequests.”"​
Brian patterson
Seller Candy

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