17 Marketing Ideas To Get More Clients For Your Agency (With Examples)

Whether you’re focusing on inbound or B2B outreach to get clients for your agency, coming up with new ideas for your marketing campaigns can be an exhausting task.

In this post we have listed various ideas across the following categories:

  • SEO, Content, and Conversion rate optimization
  • Personal branding and PR
  • B2B Outreach
  • Paid advertising

I hope this will help you!

Let’s dive right into it!

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1. Create a course

Creating a course is one of my favorite marketing tactics for agencies.

It helps you educate your prospective clients about problems they may face in their business and it is a great opportunity to plug in your agency services too. In addition, it also help position you as an authority on the subject.

Let’s take the example of Chase Dimond from Boundless Labs, an email marketing agency:

marketingidea emailcourse

He created a course to help two of his ideal clients (Agencies and E-commerce stores) improve their email marketing. Launching a course helped generate revenue as well as increase brand awareness for his agency services.

2. Create a newsletter

Another interesting content asset you can invest in as an agency owner is a newsletter.

Don’t have content to add to the newsletter? No worries! You can also curated links (from tweets, blogs, podcasts) that your ideal clients may find relevant.

3. Offer a free trial of your services

Similar to software companies, offering a free trial of your service could be an innovative way to convince clients to purchase your services.

Here’s an example from 55Knots, an on-demand design service:

marketingidea freetrial

4. Create an entry level service

An alternative to create a free trial is to create an entry level service.

For example, Contentago, an agency focused on wellness content writing services created a $50 sample

marketingidea paidtrial

The good thing with trials, once they get that sample they can continue automatically on a monthly subscription (unless they cancel before):

marketingidea paidtrial2

5. Create an Ultimate guide or resource

A course is a great way to show your authority on the subject. In addition, you can also make extra revenue.

Take for example, YesOptimist, a content writing agency specialized in SaaS and B2B companies.

They created the “SaaS SEO MBA” which features both their articles as well as useful articles related to SaaS SEO:

marketingidea resource

Once you created your resource you can put it as a lead magnet on your website or simply share it on different communities and social networks (Reddit, Twitter, Product Hunt, Facebook groups)

6. Create templates

Similar to resources, templates are another great way to generate leads.

PixelTrue, another design service, created a free illustration gallery:

marketingidea templates 1

The idea is simple: Your target market is probably looking for templates. Use a SEO tool to estimate the keyword volume and difficulty and build a library of templates to attract leads.

7. Create a Facebook group

Another way to generate leads for your agency is to create a Facebook group.

For example, ChurchMediaSquad created a group called “Church Media Ideas” which gives churches marketing ideas:

marketingidea facebookgroup

If you’re interested to build a Facebook group for your B2B business I also wrote a tweetstorm about it and we also run our own group.

8. Write a post about your learnings

This one is a great idea for brand awareness. While you might not always directly get clients from it (but who knows!)

This can work well if the audience can apply the same learnings for their business.

Here is an example from DesignJoy:

marketingidea storytelling

Here are some ideas of what you can share in those posts:

  • Share learnings of running your agency (serving clients better)
  • Share some marketing experiments that worked for you

9. Get on a relevant podcast

This one is also great for brand awareness.

Find podcasts that your target market is listening to and try get booked as a guest.

10. Create comparison pages

Another content idea is to create comparison pages.

Here are some examples of comparison pages you can create:

  • You vs. Competitor
  • Competitor vs. Competitor
  • Best “your niche” agencies

The advantage of creating those pages are that

11. Create a referral program

Another thing you can set up is a referral program.

Especially if you decide to package and productize your services, offering 10% for example of revenue that a new client brings you is a great way to generate leads.

Note: You can connect your referral program tools such as Tapfilliate, Rewardful, and FirstPromoter with ManyRequests.

12. Create a retargeting ad

An retargeting ad is also a great way to get new clients for your agency.

Here’s an example from RipplePop, an agency that matches WordPress developers to companies:

marketingidea retargetingad 1

Here are some ideas of what you can include in your ad:

  • A free consultation session
  • Testimonials from your clients
  • A video from the team / founder
  • A free or paid trial for your services

Anything basically that helps build trust and convince prospective clients that you’re the right fit to solve their problem.

13. Create a personal cold email

This one is also among my favorite ways to get new clients for a B2B agency.

Cold email can be a really effective way to get prospects: Just get in front of them and pitch your services.

However, you have to it the right way: Be relevant (have a good idea of who could benefit from your solution, don’t just contact anyone), and personal.

One way to write personal cold emails is to show you have done some research about the prospect. For example, you can mention in the opening line that you saw them on a podcast or mention a recent blog post or company update from their LinkedIn.

14. Contact prospects on job boards

One way to find prospects that could be interested in your services is simply to look on job boards.

Here’s an example from Problogger, a job board specialized in content writing and copywriting:

marketingidea jobboards

15. Create Before/After pages

This marketing idea is a great way to convince prospects of what you can do and thus to improve conversions.

Here’s an example from 24Slides, a presentation design service:

marketingidea beforeafter

16. Create a video sales letter

A video sales letter is a great way for agencies to convince their prospect as well. In addition, you can use it in your cold email campaigns or simply put it on a landing page on your website.

Here is an example from DarkRoast, a Canada-based design service:

marketingidea videosalesletter

17. Create a tool

Finally, creating a useful tool is another way to get more clients for your agency.

Here’s again an example from PixelTrue, which created a mockup generator:

marketingidea tools

Some other examples of tools you can create are:

  • Calculators
  • Generators

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