HappyFox vs. Zendesk vs. ManyRequests: Full Comparison Guide

There are several different helpdesk options out there to choose from. The best way to determine which software works best for your business is to think about your specific needs

Once you’ve established exactly what you want to use a helpdesk tool for, it’s time to compare a few specific software providers. 

We’ve scoured the internet to bring you our top three helpdesk tools: HappyFox, Zendesk, and ManyRequests. 

How to choose a helpdesk tool

A helpdesk tool is a form of customer service software that helps organize customer communication. They can help your business’ customer service team respond to client requests quickly and effectively. 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a manager who needs to manage several different teams at once, client communication is an integral part of day-to-day operations. 

Helpdesk tools are especially—er—helpful, if your business offers many different forms of customer support.

Between multiple email addresses, live chats, and the good old-fashioned telephone, that’s a lot of avenues of communication to keep track of. Helpdesk tools bring all of these interactions onto one interface so nothing falls through the cracks.

When choosing a helpdesk tool, keep these points in mind: ease of use, features, price, and integration possibilities. You also want to make sure that the tool itself boasts good customer support if you ever need it.  

Now that you know what to look out for, let’s take a deeper look at Happyfox, Zendesk, and ManyRequests!

HappyFox: Pros & Cons


HappyFox is a cloud-based customer support software that features a helpdesk tool. The tool takes advantage of a ticket system, making client inquiries and support questions easy to keep track of. 

You’ll find a long list of features, several different pricing models, over 20 integration options, and availability on many different devices. 

The Pros of HappyFox

You can use it (almost) anywhere

HappyFox is available on almost any device you can imagine: Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile.

This is an attractive feature for companies with remote customer service reps who work with varying equipment. It’s also great for taking your customer support on the road wherever you go. This added flexibility can be a real lifesaver for your support team.

It’s scalable for any size business

No matter what size business you’re managing, HappyFox will work for you. This helpdesk tool is adaptable for freelancers, small businesses, medium businesses, all the way up to large enterprises. 

This is great news if you plan on scaling your business and want to seamlessly migrate your customer support software with you when you grow.

The Cons of HappyFox

Limited integration options

While HappyFox does feature over 20 integration options, other helpdesk tools boast hundreds. You will find some of the most popular app integrations such as Google Apps, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and Twilio. But, you may also notice that some of your favorite apps aren’t available. 

This can really throw off your workflow.

Limited language options

International users will be disappointed to see that HappyFox is only available in English. This could be a major problem for large businesses that have teams scattered across the globe. It can also be a problem for non-English speaking companies. 

While it’s safe to say that English is the most widely spoken language, it must be noted that not everyone (or every business) operates in English. 

Zendesk: Pros & Cons


Zendesk is a customer support software that features several different modules of communication, such as chat and call center support, and help desk applications.

Zendesk won the Best Help Desk Award in 2019 and claims to help boost customer service and client retention.

You’ll find a massive list of integrations and features, plus robust pricing plans across all of their support tools.

The Pros of Zendesk

Over 600 integration options 

Zendesk integrates with LiveChat, Google Apps, Hootsuite, Shopify, WordPress, MailChimp, Capsule CRM, and FreshBooks, just to name a few!

You’re going to want a helpdesk tool with the most integrations possible for ease of use—and to guarantee that none of your client requests slip through the cracks.

Several different languages supported

Zendesk supports English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, and Swedish, so if your business operates in one of these languages, rejoice! 

Even if your team members speak multiple languages, English included, they most likely feel most comfortable in their mother tongue. And, as you know, if your customer support team feels comfortable, your clients will too. 

A (really) long list of features and modules

Not only does Zendesk have a massive list of features, but the software tool also offers several different modules of customer support. These modules vary between Zendesk Support, Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Talk, and Zendesk Guide.

You’ll be able to give your clients any kind of support they could imagine with all of these options. 

The Cons of Zendesk

Limited device options

Unlike some other helpdesk tools, you’ll only be able to use Zendesk on Android, iPhone, and on the web. 

This can be a problem if you want your support system to live on an application on your desktop or laptop. 

Less than impressive customer service

The biggest complaint amongst current Zendesk users is the lack of customer support on the software company’s end. 

It’s disappointing that a helpdesk tool has such lousy customer support for their own users! 

ManyRequests: helpdesk solution plus so much more

manyrequests homepage

ManyRequests is an all-in-one client portal and ticketing software that helps you manage your client communications in one streamlined place. 

It features a fully customizable client portal, integrations, tons of features, and stellar customer support. 

The Pros of ManyRequests

Modern interface

ManyRequests’ interface is modern, sleek, and easy to use. On the client’s end is a simple and attractive place to enter their requests and put in a ticket for any support needed.

On your end, you can see when your clients log in, track their satisfaction, and get notified when they make a request.  

Automations galore

If you could make your customer support team’s lives easier, you would, wouldn’t you? With ManyRequest’s automations, you can auto-delegate tasks to the right people, and connect to your favorite tools (like Zapier) to create workflows. 

Fast customer support

ManyRequests is there to support its users. We offer same business day customer support so that you can do what’s most important: be there for your clients. We believe that you should expect nothing less from a helpdesk tool software provider. 

The Cons of ManyRequests

ManyRequests works best for agencies and solopreneurs

While we would love for our software to work with all types of businesses, we’re not here to sell you something that may not work for you. ManyRequests is the ideal helpdesk tool solution for agencies, solo entrepreneurs and freelancers, and consultants. 

If you own an e-commerce store or the like, ManyRequests likely doesn’t have the customer support that you ultimately need. 

Why ManyRequests might be the right choice for you

Do you have your own agency? Are you a consultant? Are you a solo entrepreneur who is on the hunt for the best helpdesk tool around? ManyRequests is a great fit for all of the above!

The good news is that you can try out our software for free (no CC information needed!) for 14-days. Give it a go: Sign up here.

We hope that you’ve found this comparison of HappyFox vs Zendesk vs ManyRequests helpful! Which one is your favorite? Tell us below, or tweet us at @ManyRequests!

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