Ultimate Guide to Get B2B clients on Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a gold mine of clients for your agency or productized service.

In fact, this is how I found my first customers and how many other agencies did too.

Why Facebook groups are a gold mine to find clients

Here are some reasons why I love Facebook groups so much:

1. You can target your ideal clients.

The first reason why I like Facebook groups so much is that you can find a niche for practically any industry you’re in.

Unlike other communities which can be very noisy, a well moderated and niche Facebook group is an amazing opportunity to connect with your ideal clients.

Let’s take example.

Say you’re running a content writing service and one of your clients is SaaS companies. Just searching for SaaS companies gives you a ton of results:

2. You can learn about your clients.

The second reason why I like Facebook groups is that you can learn more about your ideal clients and the problems they face.

For example, here’s a query I searched on “SaaS Growth Hacks” (a group of SaaS business owners).

Let’s say you want to learn more about the process of hiring freelance writers or getting content outsourced. Here’s a search example:

Another idea is to use Facebook groups to generate content ideas for your articles, ebooks, and tweets.

Here’s an example:

Other examples of queries could be:

  • Looking for
  • Tools” (to know what tools and software your target market use for exammple)

3. You can get fast results.

Finally, when you’re just starting, you need to have results.

Networking on Facebook groups doesn’t take a very long time and can yield quick results.

Let’s dive in!

How to network on Facebook groups

Here are 5 tips to network successfully on Facebook groups:

  • Know your ideal clients
  • Join targeted Facebook groups
  • Create a benefits-driven posts
  • Optimize your Facebook profile
  • Focus on building relationships

#1 Know your ideal clients

The first step of networking successfully on Facebook groups it to know your ideal customers.

When I started my productized service I asked myself: Who are my ideal customers?

I looked at my existing customer base and came up with several customer profiles:

  • Solo entrepreneurs / software founders
  • Marketers and content creators
  • Agency owners

For each of them, I tried to get in their heads and see how my service could help them achieve their goals.

For example, I found out that Agency owners wanted a flexible way to hire staff without adding too much fixed costs, and solo entrepreneurs wanted a cost effective way to get work done.

I interviewed them, listened to the words they were using, and started building buyer personas.

If you haven’t build buyer personas, interviewing your customers (or potential customers) is a great way to get started.

#2 Join niche Facebook groups

Once you know your ideal customers, it’s time to join Facebook groups.

Simply head to search on Facebook or use this tool that will list popular Facebook groups.

Once you’re in a Facebook group, make sure you check the rules and how it is moderated to play by the rules.

#3 Create benefits-driven Facebook posts

The key to win at networking on Facebook groups boils down to one thing: Value.

If you create valuable, benefits-driven posts, they will be accepted and the community will engage on these, with Facebook algorithm boosting their reach.

Here are some examples:

1. Intro post

Simply introduce yourself and what value you can bring to the community.

Here is a good example:

Some tips:

– Ask a question at the end of your post.
– Don’t add links (it looks spammy)
– You can also add a photo to make it more personal
– Make your post easy to read and scan.Resource post: Sharing a useful learning

2. Milestone post

Have you reached a particular milestone or win (new client, revenue milestone, new hire, profitability… anything to celebrate) for your business?

Share it!

These posts can be motivating for the community you’re in.

Here’s an example:

Some tips:

– Add numbers, this will add credibility and show you’re transparent
– Add some learnings you had
– Add a background story

Feedback post

3. Learnings post

Another type of post you can do is to share your learnings.

Some tips:

– Add proof (screenshots, numbers)
– Don’t forget to format the post to make it readble
– Add some background story

4. Resource post

Another way to network on Facebook groups is to create or share a resource for that audience:

Here’s an example:

Some tips:

– Make an intro of why you created that resource
– Don’t share a blog post directly linking to your website. Instead, use Notion, Google Spreadsheets, a Google Docs, or Airtable. This will look less spammy

5. Feedback / Launch post

Another type of post is to ask for feedback and launch your service.

Here’s an example:

Some tips:

– Add a backstory
– Ask for feedback / review of your service
– You can also use it as an opportunity to ask for testers of your service in exchange for case studies if you’re launching

#4 Optimize your profile for conversions

Next step: Optimize your Facebook profile:

You can:

  • Create a custom cover photo
  • Add a feature image
  • Add a tagline on your profile and profile picture

If you have a Facebook group, a newsletter, or an ebook you can also add it in your profile. The key is to communicate what you do and get people to engage with you.

Here’s an example from Arrigo from Koala Rank, a content writing service:

#5 Focus on building relationships

Like all networking, it’s about relationships and giving more than you take.

Don’t focus right away on selling your service. Instead, focus on building relationships.

Some tips:

  • Send a connection request on LinkedIn after you’ve interacted with a prospect on a Facebook group
  • Don’t hesitate to make introductions to other members / partners that your connections might find valuable


Facebook groups are a great way to find clients in different niches:

However, to do this successfully you must have a few pre-requisites:

  • Know your value proposition and your target audience
  • Create and share valuable posts and resources
  • Focus on building relationships, not sales

Want more tips to grow your agency or productized service? Join our Productize Community.

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