Agiled Vs. SuiteDash: Top Differences & Similarities

In this review, we compare Suitedash with Agiled, two interesting tools that help you manage your business or agency.

If you’re looking for a better way to manage the day to day operations of your business, an all in one software (with CRM, invoices, tasks) is a great start.

The goal of both tools is to offer a business management solution all in one tool. Instead of relying of a mismatch of tools (or email), they built an all in one solution that includes a CRM, a client portal, invoicing, project management and tasks, as well as integrations and automations.

In this post we will review the features and the similarities and differences of each tool.

While these are also our competitors the goal of this post will be to give you the most detailed and unbiased review of both tools.


Suitedash is an all-in-one business software. They have a lot of features such as CRM, invoices, and tasks but their main focus seems to be on having a comprehensive white label client portal to their customers which you can customize.

Agiled is also an all-in-one business software. Similar to Suitedash they have features such as CRM, invoices, tasks, as well as a client portal software.

Top differences between Suitedash and Agiled


One of the most important features of business management tools is a CRM. Both SuiteDash and Agiled have this feature but there are some notable differences:

  • SuiteDash has client “circles” where you can add different client accounts under a team account.
  • SuiteDash also has automations, bulk imports, and intake forms which can be very useful to onboard or add new clients to the system.

That said, core features such as file sharing and lead management are present in both apps.

suitedashvsagile crm 2

Note: If you’re an agency you might not need those automations but they can be very useful as you scale.


Another feature you might want to have is the ability to see reports. Here, Agile differentiates itself from SuiteDash as they have reports. Reports can be useful to see your team productivity, the number of tasks completed, revenue generated, etc.

suitedashvsagile reports

Project management

Overall both SuiteDash and Agiled have a robust project management system with the basics covered (templates, assigning tasks, time tracking, milestones, progress, notifications) but with some notable differences:

  • SuiteDash project management system features automations. For example, when a project phase is completed or a project is finished you can trigger a customized action instead of doing manual work.
  • Agiled features Gantt chart views which are shareable via a public link. This helps clients understand the progress of a project in a visual way. In addition, they also have a Project burn down chart which can be very useful to see if the team is completing a project on time.
suitedashvsagile projectmanagement

Software integrations

Another important consideration when choosing a business management tool is software integrations. You’re probably already using other software (CRMs, analytics) so it’s important to see whether you can connect all apps together to save time and avoid manual work.

  • Both SuiteDash and Agiled integrate with Zapier which can in turn connect to thousands of other softwares.
  • For payments, SuiteDash integrates with Stripe,, Braintree, and Paypal whereas Agiled integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and Razorpay.
  • Agiled supports multiple live chat software such as which you can add to proposals, invoices, or estimates. This can be very useful to close a client who is on the fence or has a question. SuiteDash doesn’t have a livechat integration.
  • In addition, Agiled integrates with several CRM and sales enablement tools such as Lemlist, Mailshake, and Hubspot.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one business management software here several things to consider:

SuiteDash pricing features three plans: Start ($19/month), Thrive ($49/month), and Pinnacle ($99/month). All plans feature unlimited contacts, unlimited projects, custom domain, white labeling unlimited team members.

Here are the biggest differences between SuiteDash pricing plans:

  • Storage limit: The Start plan features 100 Gb, Thrive 500Gb, and Pinnacle plan 1Tb of storage. Additional storage can be purchased for $10/month per 250Gb extra block of storage.
  • All plans have a white labeling option as well as custom domain.
  • Extra features: The Thrive and Pinnacle plan also have extra feature. They both have e-signatures and proposals, deal stage pipelines, as well as advanced custom menus which the Start plan doesn’t have.
  • Automations: The Pinnacle plan also features automations and triggers.


Agiled pricing features four plans: Solo ($7/month), Starter ($15/month), Premium ($45/month), and Business ($79/month). All plans feature projects, proposals, time tracker, and CRM.

Here are the biggest differences between Agiled pricing plans:

  • Storage limit: Each plan have different storage limit, from 1gb (Solo plan) up to 30gb (Business pan)
  • Team members: Depending on each plan, there is a limit on the number of team seats you can have. It starts at 1 team member for the Solo plan up to 15 team members for the Business plan.
  • Extra features: Features such as white labeling are only available in the Business plan.
  • Automations: Zapier is available in the Starter, Premium, and Business plan. The Business plan also features native integrations.
  • White labeling: This feature is supported only in the Business plan.

Top similarities between Suitedash and Agiled

Time tracking

Here, both SuiteDash and Agiled are pretty similar with a few small differences:

  • SuiteDash has a billing conversion feature. This means that you can convert each hour worked into a billable item on an invoice.
  • Agiled has an overview of who’s currently working in real-time.
suitedashvsagiled timetracking

White label client portal

Another very important feature of a business management app is to offer a white label client portal.

Again, Suitedash and Agiled are pretty similar on this front as they both offer custom domain support, customm branding,

  • SuiteDash has an iOS as well as an Android app which can come handy for clients who may want to manage their business on the go.
  • SuiteDash also offers customizable menus which can be useful if you want to create unique sections for your users.

suitedashvsagiled clientportal

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of

Company/Customer: Prashant M.
Review: “All in one Feature, you don’t need to switch between multiple accounts or different software, one software do all. From invoicing to CRM to project management. You will get all with whitelabel by cname. CRM feature can be improved more, but for startup its more than enough.”

Company/Customer: Oscar P.
Review: “Agiled has everything in one interface. CRM, HRM, task management, finances management. it has an intuitive user interface. And it’s translated in multiple languages.”

Customer reviews of SuiteDash

Company/Customer: Ellis M.
Review: “The client management options are top-notch! Project management helps my business ensure we’re always on top of our projects and deliverables are centralized. Billing is everything for us! All of our services are centralized and can be attached to automated actions for ease of use! I also love that they keep coming out with improvements and new features! We were able to leave our proposal software recently and bring that into SuiteDash! If you ever need help – there’s a lifesaver under every page that answers any question you have about a function. Email Support is relatively quick and helpful!”

Company/Customer: Ryan P.
Review: “It has all the things you need all in one place. I love the circles. I love the company first options and the integrations.”

Common FAQs

  1. If I just start my agency, which tool should I choose?

    Both tools have all the core features needed for agencies that are starting out: Billing, CRM, tasks, and white labeling. If you’re just starting, I would go with Agiled which has a more simple interface.

  2. I need a business management app for my agency, which one should I choose?

    This depends on your needs. If you’re fine with a simple solution with an elegant UI, go with Agiled. However, SuiteDash has been around for years and has much more features.

  3. When should I consider using Agiled?

    Agiled seems to have a more robust report / finance management feature. It also seems more simpler to use and simpler to use interface.

  4. When should I consider using SuiteDash?

    SuiteDash features more automations and customizations (such as menus, and actions). If you’re looking for a solution where you can customize every bit of the software to your own needs, go with SuiteDash.

Looking for an alternative focused on agencies?

ManyRequests is a client portal software that comes with project management and tasks, CRM, forms, payments, and onboarding.

suitedashvsagiled manyrequests

Here are a few reasons to use ManyRequests for your agency or service business over the competition:

1. Easy to use.

2. Modern and fast user interface

3. Built for agencies and service businesses in mind.

4. Unlimited file storage, unlimited team members, unlimited clients.

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