10 Examples of Productized Services Landing Pages

Do you need some inspiration for your next productized service landing page? Here are some of the best ones we found including what we liked on each of their landing page.

1. Video Husky

Video Husky is a video editing productized service with a team of 30+ editors.

What we liked about Video Husky’s landing page:

  • The main tagline immediately helps you understand what they do but also what problem they solve.
  • The CTA “Get your videos edited”
  • Their homepage also features a picture of their team which makes the service more human.

2. 55Knots

55Knots is an Australian-based graphic design service.

What we liked about 55Knots’s landing page:

  • We loved their high quality video explaining their services.
  • Their landing page features a lot of testimonials from customers.
  • We also liked that they included a link in their menu to a demo their services.

3. KoalaRank

KoalaRank is a done-for-you content writing service.

What we liked about KoalaRank’s landing page:

  • We liked that they added “Get a free consultation” CTA which helps them qualify prospects.
  • Their social proof includes a lot of “results” (traffic growth mostly) which is very convincing.
  • They included a “Show me the process” section to be more transparent to their prospects on how they deliver their services.

4. Elly

Elly is a virtual assistant service that provides flexible packages

What we liked about Elly’s landing page:

  • Their tagline clearly shows the problem they are solving: “No contracts. No interviews. No hassle
  • They included a large video testimonial which helps prospects trust the website more.
  • They have various flexible packages and custom plans for different types of prospects.

5. Mango Social

Mango Social is a done-for-you social media management company

What we liked about Mango Social’s landing page:

  • They covered their process in-depth which gives more confidence to prospective customers to try their services.
  • They included a FAQ on their homepage where they bring up potential objections upfront.
  • We also liked that they added a “Give feedback” button

6. Tailry

Tailry is a Shopify maintenance productized service

What we liked about Tailry’s landing page:

  • They use large photos which gives a sleek and more human look to their landing page.
  • Their CTA is a free trial for their service (Tip: You can create free trials with ManyRequests)
  • We also liked that they added a “Give feedback” button

7. SocialCuts

Social Cuts provides video editing for podcasts.

What we liked about Social Cuts’s landing page:

  • The Before/After which immediately shows their value proposition.
  • The clear way they explained their video editing process.
  • The quick 34 seconds video intro of their services.

8. Podcastbloggers

PodcastBloggers turns podcast episodes into SEO-optimized blog posts for a flat monthly fee.

What we liked about Podcastblogger’s landing page:

  • Their tagline is extremely clear with the goal clients have and how they do it.
  • They have a clear call to action to request samples.
  • They explained clearly how their process works.

9. Hatchly

Hatchly is a UK-based on-demand graphic design service.

What we liked about Hatchly’s landing page:

  • They included a Coupon code for new users in their header (Tip: You can create and manage coupons with ManyRequests)
  • They included a section with customer stories on how they use the service.
  • They have multiple very clear call to actions (Book a demo or Get started)

10. TheChurchCo

TheChurchCo offers done-for-you websites for churches.

What we liked about TheChurchCo’s landing page:

  • Their tagline is very clear and offers a strong value proposition “Complete website built for you in one week
  • They feature examples of websites and how it looks on different devices in multiple instances on their page.
  • They also included articles of their blog which helps educate their prospective customers about the need to buy such a service.


Most of these websites have a lot of things in common:

  • A clear, concise tagline that communicates their value proposition.
  • How their service delivery process works
  • Call to actions : Book a demo, Schedule a call, or Get started
  • Social proof: Examples of past work and customer stories

If you want to start a productized service too, check out our guide on How to start and grow a productized service.

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