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ManyRequests is all-in-one client portal for creative and task-based agencies that solves your portal branding, task management and billing needs.

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"ManyRequests is a project management tool for service-based businesses like mine. Before using ManyRequests, our clients would need to purchase via a website payform, and we’d then have to set them up manually, create and provide login details over email, in which they could finally log in and submit a creative brief. What ManyRequests has enabled me to do is have someone come to my website and purchase, lodge a creative brief straight into ManyRequests, and I can have a designer assigned and working on that brief within minutes."
Benjamin williams
55 Knots
"Before ManyRequests, we were looking at the Zendesk and all these different help desk type softwares because our service is purely task-based. None of them really had simple task submissions, allowed us to monitor how they’re going and communicate on the tasks the way that ManyRequests did, and worked with the way we conceived our business model. ManyRequests kind of fits right in there for us because it allows us to manage tasks and communication for every single customer and that’s what we need."
Brian patterson
Seller Candy

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