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We are on a mission to help agency owners succeed by creating simple software to manage and grow their business.

We currently use ManyRequests to handle all of our design requests and we’ve done 17000+ requests over the last few years. I love the filters, I love the organization, and it’s so clean it allows us to have our branding on it to make ManyRequests look like it’s our own which is really great for clients.

Alexandra Adams, SquidPixels

Our story

We built ManyRequests to scratch our own itch.

Back in 2018, our co-founder Robin Vander Heyden was running an outsourcing business and was juggling with different tools to manage the day to day work.

At the same time he also began writing about his experience of running an agency and created a successful community of agency owners where he met Gabriel Lecointere who was building B2B software for service businesses.

Together, they decided to create a better way for agency owners to run their business.



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What defines us:

Continuously improve over time: We strive to continuously improve our product by listening and quickly implementing user feedback.

Focus: Our product is built for agency owners and service businesses. Being focused helps us create solutions that perfectly answer your needs.

Simplicity: Creating a simple to use product is important for you, but also your customers so they can adopt it and use it every day.

Sustainability: We are proud to have created a sustainable, profitable business. We want to continue to remain so.

Help agencies succeed: Our goal is to create the ultimate platform for agency owners, helping them run a profitable business through software, useful content, and great support. Make sure to check out our guides and our community.

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