Grow your content agency and
manage a large team of writers using one platform

Know what you need to write

Create service intake forms to ensure clients submit high quality content briefs. Whether you're selling email newsletter copywriting, blog posts, ebooks, or landing page copy get all the info you need from customers to start writing.

Stay on top of client communication

Manage all project deliverables, revisions and communication in one place. Waiting on a reply from a client? Never miss an update. Managing communication is easy on platform with notifications and status updates.

Manage your team
of content writers

Are you working with freelance writers or full time employees? Invite them to the platform, start assigning requests and put your agency on autopilot. Know at all times what they are working on and where they are up to.

Maintain high
customer satisfaction

Clients can provide feedback ratings once a job is complete. This helps you to identify and reward high performing team members, and ensure high customer satisfaction is maintained.

Grow your content writing agency today!