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Koala Rank is a content marketing agency for B2B firms focusing on growing audiences and building trust with prospects.

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Meet Arrigo Lupori

My name is Arrigo Lupori. I’m the founder of Koala Rank, a content marketing agency for small B2B firms looking to scale their marketing efforts with content that drives ongoing business value. I’ve been working at growing this startup for more than a year now and it’s been a challenging but satisfying experience. ManyRequests will help us manage client operations and branding efforts going forward.


What is ManyRequests, and what type of value do they bring?

ManyRequests is a business operations platform for customer experience management.

It may sound complex but the reason why I call it that way is that it’s helping us with more than just managing our clients: it’s giving us the opportunity to offer a premium software experience where customers see our branding attached to an innovative platform allowing them to manage their marketing campaign in one place.

What was it like before I started using ManyRequests?

Before ManyRequests, everything was email-based.

You’d get these requests directly via email but they weren’t really stored anywhere. With ManyRequests, client requests can be managed directly through the client area for both the clients themselves and the agency, making it easy to track everything in one place. It’s truly working that way for us even though educating clients on the platform is a bit of a challenge.

What was the biggest pain point before ManyRequests?

The biggest pain point was definitely in regards to branding and not having a unified project management experience.

My goal with Koala Rank is to have customers consume as much of our content as possible without ever (possibly) going to a competitor’s blog or considering to outsource management in other ways. We’ve been using Airtable for our management needs but we’d like to have clients only see the client area over time.

What made ManyRequests stand out from other companies?

It was the only option for me. There are no companies out there that do what ManyRequests does.

All the legacy client area software SUCKS, big time. I’ve tried them all: SuiteDash, ClientPortal, I’ve even tried building my own with Elementor on WordPress. All of it was mostly a waste of time and didn’t give me the results I was hoping for. With ManyRequests I was able to get everything I was trying to do by paying a flat monthly fee. Solved my life pretty much!

What have my results been so far while working with ManyRequests?

It’s been great, the onboarding process is smooth with payments coming through Stripe just the way I’d been done up to that point but what’s better is that the branding is kept all the way through.

I log into the client area every day to check each request, making sure that clients are kept happy and that I communicate with them effectively. There is a bit of a learning curve but I’m already getting used to it.

What’s the number one biggest benefit of ManyRequests?

Branding, without a doubt.

The ability to white-label such an incredibly innovative platform and making it “your own” is such an important part of running an agency. After all, an agency’s business is reputation management, and how can you prove to be reputable if you’re constantly sending customers to third-party resources and management applications? You have to have your own system for getting things done and ManyRequests delivers on that.

What has been the ROI for ManyRequests?

It’s still early to say but for me it’s not necessarily about the immediate return I get with it, it’s more about whether my customers are happy with the experience and how I can go about improving their business.

The point for me is to integrate my digital strategy end-to-end without customers ever feeling like they’re missing out on something. Obviously, we can’t do everything, but having this platform was paramount to the business strategy.

What has exceeded my expectations and surprised me the most since working with ManyRequests?

Definitely the willingness of the team to listen to feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

It’s typical of SaaS companies to just ask you for a flat monthly fee and then forget you’re even a customer in the first place. Maybe it’s because it’s still a small startup but the support I’ve been getting from Robin, Linda, and Gabriel has been top notch from the get-go. I’m super happy with the software’s direction and roadmap!

My recommendation for anyone who’s sitting on the fence…

You have to think about time spent (i.e. wasted) on trying to get things done the right way versus having the solution right in front of you.

$99/mo may seem like a steep price to pay for a software solution but when you think about the benefits that such a strong customer experience platform gives you in the long-term, it’s absolutely abysmal. You don’t even have to think about it really but only if your business model is set to make the most out of recurring revenue!

How we use ManyRequests

Clients sign up

Once a client has completed payment for a service or subscription using the ManyRequests white-labelled checkout form, they automatically receive an email with their login details for the client portal.

Tasks are assigned

All client requests can be viewed in the Admin dashboard.
You can assign requests to yourself or other
team members and communicate with clients regarding their request.

Clients can buy add-ons

The client portal makes it easy for clients to purchase add-on services (on top of their current subscription). Clients can browse the Service Catalog within their portal for a full list of add-on services offered by Koala Rank.