Launching a $10k/mo design agency

Hatchly is an on-demand and unlimited graphic design agency based in the UK. They deliver high quality designs at a cracking monthly rate.

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May '20



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Meet Will Griffiths

My name is Will Griffiths and I am the Founder of Hatchly. We offer unlimited, on-demand design for businesses of all sizes.

What is ManyRequests, and what type of value do they bring?

ManyRequests is an “All-in-one” agency solution.

They make the whole process for our clients slick, user friendly and most importantly easy.

What was it like before I started using ManyRequests?

“I used to do a lot of freelancing and ran a virtual agency (spending most of my time issuing numerous invoices)…”

But now it is all taken care of for me and allows me to offer something new and stand out from the competition.

What was the biggest pain point before ManyRequests?

“Spending too much time issuing and chasing invoices!!”

Now everything is under one flat monthly fee, it allows me to get back to what I enjoy doing most, design 😊

What made ManyRequests stand out from other companies?

“I had not seen anything like it in the market and it just made complete sense to go for it!”

I was considering offering design services for a flat monthly fee for a while but had to think how it everything was going to be possible back-end etc. I then came across ManyRequests and had not seen anything else like it in the market and it just made complete sense to go for it!

What have my results been so far while working with ManyRequests?

“It has been amazing and my clients are always amazed at how easy the process is for them.”

What’s the number one biggest benefit of ManyRequests?

“Payment automatically taken care of and keeping everything under one roof for my clients.”

What has been the ROI for ManyRequests?

“Approx. 90%”

What has exceeded my expectations and surprised me the most since working with ManyRequests?

“The customer service and being able to work closely with the guys to submit suggestions/improvements and any queries are answered almost instantaneously.”

My recommendation for anyone who’s sitting on the fence…

“If you are thinking of starting a subscription based business/agency and looking for a unique pricing model but don’t have the know-how/budget to implement back-end solutions, I would certainly recommend ManyRequests.”


How we use ManyRequests

How Hatchly works

Check out this quick video that explains how clients can use the Hatchly client portal to upload files, submit, and manage their requests