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Why use ManyRequests to manage your creative business:

1. Accept orders or tasks

Create beautiful order and intake forms to bill your customers. Ask all the questions you need upfront to get all the information you need from your clients. Get useful insights such as workload, tasks completed by team members, and more.

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2. Manage client work

Stay on top of client requests by assigning work to your team members and updating clients of the status of their project by using our built-in project management tools with custom status, priorities, deadlines.

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ManyRequests not only saved us the costs of developing a whole solution for ourselves, but it’s a very smooth solution for clients to log in and communicate on specific tasks, everything is organized, and even the smaller admin tasks that normally fall on project managers such as invoices, adding services, and booking calls with our team can be all be accessed by the client themselves in a self-serve manner.

Anthony Puttee

3. Embeds dashboard

Show progress to your clients by embedding Airtable, Google Data Studio, or other dashboards easily.

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