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March 30, 2021

ūüé® New checkout, add-ons and more

Checkout redesign new
  • Your new checkout not only looks better, but information about trials, discount coupons and upcoming payments are presented clearer than before. 
Add-ons and extra services new
  • Besides an improved design, the new checkout supports upselling add-ons and extras on top of services. Ideal for offering faster delivery or additional work during checkout for an extra fee.
Thank you page support of tracking code new
Announcements system new
  • Now you can communicate relevant information with  all your clients by creating announcements that will show up in the app as a notification and an alert after your clients sign in. Learn more.
Upgrade and Downgrade Subscriptions new

Hubspot live chat support new

  • We now support Hubspot as one of the options for adding a live chat to your client potal.

January 31, 2021

ūü§Ė Zapier integration (Beta)

Zapier Integration new
  • You can now connect ManyRequests with your favorite apps. The private beta of our Zapier integration is live! Reach out to our support chat if you would like to participate.
3DS Checkout new
  • Support for 3DS checkout for one-off payments is now available.
Airtable integration new
  • Additional to data studio, you can now embed an Airtable in your client’s homepage  

January 18, 2021

‚öôÔłŹ¬†Email notifications preferences

Manage email notifications preferences new
  • You can choose what types of notifications you want to receive by email.¬†
Priority field new
  • Requests now have a priority field you can sort and filter by too. It’s also possible to configure¬† if this field is accessible and/or editable by clients or not.
Airtable integration new
  • Additional to data studio, you can now embed an Airtable in your client’s homepage¬†¬†

December 21, 2020

‚úČÔłŹ¬†Custom email address for notifications

Custom email address for notifications new
  • Notifications send out of your portal can now use the email address of your choice. Contact us in the support chat and we will set this up for you.¬†
Permissions management new
  • From the settings page, you can now define the level of access for the admins and team members within your portal.¬†
Limited free services new
  • You can now define the maximum number of times a client can use a free service. Ideal for trial periods.
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • You can now edit the price of existing subscriptions¬†
  • Multiple services can now have the same name, allowing you to reuse the ones of your deleted services.
  • Ability to import clients and subscription plans from your stripe account to your portal with one click.¬†

November 30, 2020

✨ Client onboarding

Client onboarding new
  • Create an onboarding page for new clients. Add a video, instructions, documents and more. Select from 3 different onboarding templates to customize.
LiveChat integration new
  • You can now select LiveChat as your preferred live chat application.¬†
Discount codes for a set period new
  • Create discount codes that can be applied to one or more months. Select the ‘repeating’ option and enter the number of months.
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • URLs are automatically hyperlinked in forms and comments.
  • Any services created before connecting to Stripe can now be migrated. To migrate services: go to your service details page > click ‘sync to Stripe’ and click ‘confirm’.
  • Ability to remove due dates from requests

October 29, 2020

ūü﹬†Embedding Data Studio dashboards

You can now embed unique Data Studio dashboards for each client on their home page. 
Go to Clients > Client details > Edit to add the dashboard URL.

October 27, 2020

ūü鮬†White-Labeling and customizing portal appearance

Sidebar dark mode new
  • Choose from light or dark mode to complement your logo and primary color. Go to Setup > Portal to customize.
Primary Color new
  • Choose a primary color for buttons and links in your portal.¬†
Timezone new
  • Display date time stamps in your preferred timezone.¬†
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • The ‘created’, ‘updated’ and ‘due date’ columns in Requests now shows a time stamp.

October 14, 2020

ūüϧ¬†¬†Client user accounts

Client user accounts new
  • Clients can create user accounts for their co-workers. Coworkers will be able to submit requests and receive notifications.
Follow requests new
  • Clients can be tagged or ‘follow’ requests created by coworkers to receive updates for new comments and when the request is completed.¬†¬†
Export requests data new
  • Admins have the option to export all client requests by date range.
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • The 500 error during checkout has been replaced with the relevant error message (e.g. for declined cards, etc)
  • Clients can reply to completed requests. Admins can re-open requests if needed.
  • Original file name is retained when files are downloaded.

October 7, 2020

  File Folder on Apple iOS 13.3 Client file storage

Storage area new

  • A central storage area for client accounts where they can add files that can be used for one or more requests (such as brand profiles, guidelines, fonts, etc).
  • Clients can access their storage area from the left navigation menu. Admins can also access their client’s storage via Clients > Client Details > Storage tab.
  • Within requests, both admins and clients will be able to see a new section summarising any attachments as well as client assets available from storage.

September 14, 2020

¬†ūüí¨¬†Live chat, discount coupons and more

Live chat integration new

  • Set up Intercom, Crisp or Tawk live chat for your client portal and chat directly to clients.

Discount coupons new

  • Create discount coupons for one-off services and recurring services, apply to one or multiple services, set maximum redemptions or expiry dates, and choose between % or fixed discounts.

Catalog and services improved

  • All services and subscriptions have been merged into one page in the services catalog
  • The service intake and checkout forms now display the service description and image
  • Rich text editor now available for the service description (e.g. bullet points, hyperlinks, etc)
Admin role permissions improved
  • All admins can now manage their subscription to ManyRequests (this was previously enabled for portal owners only)

Due Dates new

  • Add due dates to existing and new requests submitted. (This action can be performed by admins and any team members assigned to a request.)
  • Can sort by due date on the request dashboard

August 31, 2020

ūüí≥¬†Paid Trials and sales tax

Paid trials new

  • Enable paid trials for existing and new subscriptions by editing the service.

Sales tax new

  • Add location based tax rates by configuring the sales tax in your portal and billing settings.

July 29, 2020

ūü§Ė¬†Auto-assign requests and other improvements¬†

Auto assign requests new

  • Admins can now auto assign requests to an account manager. Go to the Client details screen to assign an account manager.
  • The account manager will be notified of any new requests submitted by the client and any new comments on requests.¬†

Terms and conditions for services new

  • Add service T&C’s to your checkout form so clients know what to expect. Go to Portal Settings to update the T&C’s.

‘On hold’ request status¬†new

  • Admins and team members can now change the status to ‘On hold’ if required

Cancellation insights new

  • Clients will be asked to provide a reason when they cancel their subscription
  • Admins will be notified via email of the reason for cancellation so they can follow up with the client

ManyRequests support chat improved

  • The ManyRequests support team is now available in-app via live chat to answer any product questions or provide technical assistance
  • Live chat is only available for admins

July 16, 2020

 In-app notifications new

  • View a summary of the latest notifications on the top right¬†
  • Get notified when a new request is submitted by a client, requests are assigned to you, or if there is a new comment on a request.
  • Keep track of unread messages with the new unread message icon

June 25, 2020

  ManyRequest v2 

Services and invoicing: new
  • Service Catalog – you can share directly with clients or add to your website
  • Unique URL for services and subscriptions – you can share directly with customers or add to your website
  • Ability to include a free trial for services
  • Ability to create free services
  • Ability to create manual invoices for services and subscriptions
  • Ability to follow-up via email for payment

Customer management: new

  • Ability to create orders on behalf of customers
  • Ability to assign free services or subscriptions

Portal Setup: new

  • In-app onboarding for account owners (admins) to set up their portal
  • Ability to upload logos for dark and light backgrounds
Overall UX/UI:  improved
  • New design
  • Improved dashboard for Admins: ability to click and view all Clients, Requests, Invoices
  • Improved workflow for creating one-off services and subscriptions (previously called plans)
  • Improved email notifications for admins, team members and clients for important events (e.g. for new clients, comments, status updates, invoices, payment confirmation/failure, subscription renewal notices, etc)
Order management for requests: improved
  • Filtering and sorting options
  • Ability to navigate back without losing filtered results
  • Option add a limit for the number of requests that can be worked on concurrently and/or per month for subscriptions
Visit the Help Center to learn more or view the ManyRequests demo.