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October 29, 2020

📈 Embedding Data Studio dashboards

You can now embed unique Data Studio dashboards for each client on their home page
Go to Clients > Client details > Edit to add the dashboard URL.

October 27, 2020

🎨 White-Labeling and customizing portal appearance

Sidebar dark mode new
  • Choose from light or dark mode to complement your logo and primary color. Go to Setup > Portal to customize.
Primary Color new
  • Choose a primary color for buttons and links in your portal. 
Timezone new
  • Display date time stamps in your preferred timezone. 
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • The ‘created’, ‘updated’ and ‘due date’ columns in Requests now shows a time stamp.

October 14, 2020

👤  Client user accounts

Client user accounts new
  • Clients can create user accounts for their co-workers. Coworkers will be able to submit requests and receive notifications.
Follow requests new
  • Clients can be tagged or ‘follow’ requests created by coworkers to receive updates for new comments and when the request is completed.  
Export requests data new
  • Admins have the option to export all client requests by date range.
Other improvements and bug fixes:
  • The 500 error during checkout has been replaced with the relevant error message (e.g. for declined cards, etc)
  • Clients can reply to completed requests. Admins can re-open requests if needed.
  • Original file name is retained when files are downloaded.

October 7, 2020

  File Folder on Apple iOS 13.3 Client file storage

Storage area new

  • A central storage area for client accounts where they can add files that can be used for one or more requests (such as brand profiles, guidelines, fonts, etc).
  • Clients can access their storage area from the left navigation menu. Admins can also access their client’s storage via Clients > Client Details > Storage tab.
  • Within requests, both admins and clients will be able to see a new section summarising any attachments as well as client assets available from storage.

September 14, 2020

 💬 Live chat, discount coupons and more

Live chat integration new

  • Set up Intercom, Crisp or Tawk live chat for your client portal and chat directly to clients.

Discount coupons new

  • Create discount coupons for one-off services and recurring services, apply to one or multiple services, set maximum redemptions or expiry dates, and choose between % or fixed discounts.

Catalog and services improved

  • All services and subscriptions have been merged into one page in the services catalog
  • The service intake and checkout forms now display the service description and image
  • Rich text editor now available for the service description (e.g. bullet points, hyperlinks, etc)
Admin role permissions improved
  • All admins can now manage their subscription to ManyRequests (this was previously enabled for portal owners only)

Due Dates new

  • Add due dates to existing and new requests submitted. (This action can be performed by admins and any team members assigned to a request.)
  • Can sort by due date on the request dashboard

August 31, 2020

💳 Paid Trials and sales tax

Paid trials new

  • Enable paid trials for existing and new subscriptions by editing the service.

Sales tax new

  • Add location based tax rates by configuring the sales tax in your portal and billing settings.

July 29, 2020

🤖 Auto-assign requests and other improvements 

Auto assign requests new

  • Admins can now auto assign requests to an account manager. Go to the Client details screen to assign an account manager.
  • The account manager will be notified of any new requests submitted by the client and any new comments on requests. 

Terms and conditions for services new

  • Add service T&C’s to your checkout form so clients know what to expect. Go to Portal Settings to update the T&C’s.

‘On hold’ request status new

  • Admins and team members can now change the status to ‘On hold’ if required

Cancellation insights new

  • Clients will be asked to provide a reason when they cancel their subscription
  • Admins will be notified via email of the reason for cancellation so they can follow up with the client

ManyRequests support chat improved

  • The ManyRequests support team is now available in-app via live chat to answer any product questions or provide technical assistance
  • Live chat is only available for admins

July 16, 2020

 In-app notifications new

  • View a summary of the latest notifications on the top right 
  • Get notified when a new request is submitted by a client, requests are assigned to you, or if there is a new comment on a request.
  • Keep track of unread messages with the new unread message icon

June 25, 2020

  ManyRequest v2 

Services and invoicing: new
  • Service Catalog – you can share directly with clients or add to your website
  • Unique URL for services and subscriptions – you can share directly with customers or add to your website
  • Ability to include a free trial for services
  • Ability to create free services
  • Ability to create manual invoices for services and subscriptions
  • Ability to follow-up via email for payment

Customer management: new

  • Ability to create orders on behalf of customers
  • Ability to assign free services or subscriptions

Portal Setup: new

  • In-app onboarding for account owners (admins) to set up their portal
  • Ability to upload logos for dark and light backgrounds
Overall UX/UI:  improved
  • New design
  • Improved dashboard for Admins: ability to click and view all Clients, Requests, Invoices
  • Improved workflow for creating one-off services and subscriptions (previously called plans)
  • Improved email notifications for admins, team members and clients for important events (e.g. for new clients, comments, status updates, invoices, payment confirmation/failure, subscription renewal notices, etc)
Order management for requests: improved
  • Filtering and sorting options
  • Ability to navigate back without losing filtered results
  • Option add a limit for the number of requests that can be worked on concurrently and/or per month for subscriptions
Visit the Help Center to learn more or view the ManyRequests demo.