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Stay on top of client requests:

Impress your clients with a client area that feels like your own app.

Get a clear overview of all ongoing work

Use quick filters to check workload and assign new tasks

Tag requests

Delegate tasks to your team:

Easily delegate tasks and keep an eye on the workload.

Auto-assign requests to team members

Add internal comments

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The best thing of ManyRequests is that our business is much more organized as we have payments, requests, and tasks in one place. The second best thing is that the platform is super user friendly and their customer service is always available. I totally recommend it.

Laura van den Herrewegen

Keep your clients in the loop:

One single thread for every task.

Due dates and priorities

Send notifications to your clients

Let your clients reply via email to task updates


Make client communication more efficient and save time.

Create custom status

Change request status automatically based on certain actions

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