Where To Find Staff For Your Productized Service

Take a step back from the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business by finding reliable, cost-effective talent to help you deliver your productized service

A productized service allows you to standardize your offerings while saving on costs and efforts, and finding the right staff to help you accomplish this is crucial. We’ll highlight hiring tips that other entrepreneurs recommend and talk about where to find staff that will help you move your business forward. 

When to start hiring

Hiring your first employees can be terrifying. And it doesn’t really get any easier the more you do it. Don’t wait until your revenue is increasing. Your new hire is an investment—and patience is key when it comes to seeing a return on any investment. Hire when you need someone to make money for your business, or to save you some money. Getting help sooner than later will save you time, effort, and costs in the long run. 

Where to find staff 

Your goal should be to set up a business that can continue to grow without you. Find staff that are fully committed to the growth of your business—whether they’re full-time, part-time, remote, or freelance. 

Job boards and career websites

Entrepreneur and product designer Brian Casel is a firm believer in looking overseas to find staff. Don’t limit yourself to just your neighbourhood—there’s a whole pool of talent across the world to tap into. International career sites Indeed, Monster, Jooble, AngelList and Glassdoor give you access to candidates across the world. 

Dana Lindahl hired remote, overseas staff from the Philippines in a bid to keep costs low and productivity high when she started her business. Take advantage of increased efficiency and a multilingual workforce that could add value to your productized service by hiring remote staff in different countries. Remote teams work longer hours, are more engaged, feel more productive, and even communicate better. Browse sites like OnlineJobs.ph, Jobrack.eu, and Virtualemployee.com for remote team members that best suit your needs.

Social media

About 94% of recruiters use social media to scout for talent and post jobs, so this is an area you definitely need to tap into. A majority of people’s lives are broadcast on social media, from frustrations with their current roles to success stories. Establish your company’s reputation online and start connecting with like-minded people through forums and groups

Social media is a great way to meet new people and engage with them. You can also determine their fit within your organization: Weed out unsuitable candidates by looking at what they post, how they interact with others, and their knowledge of industry trends. Cisco’s @WeAreCisco campaign aimed to “make a personal connection with future talent.” They not only grew their social media following and brand authenticity, but they were also able to make a number of successful direct hires.

Professional networks

With over 500 million users across hundreds of countries in the world, LinkedIn is the professional network of choice for recruiters today. 70% of the global workforce are passive talents and they’re waiting for you to find them. Post jobs on the network, talk about your company, contribute to groups, and stay in touch with connections you value. Use it to vet candidates by looking at their skills, work history, and what they share, and approach them directly. Other networks to consider include Nexxt, Xing and Jobcase.  

You can also take a skills-based approach by focusing on a specific role. Looking for designers? Check out Krop, 99designs, or Dribbble. Need to add to your content team? Try Verblio, Problogger, Contently, or Scripted. If you’re searching for tech experts, Toptal, Hired or Gigster could be the answer.

Subscription staffing services

You don’t need to stick to the traditional method of hiring full-time employees anymore. Subscription staffing service Boldly gives entrepreneurs the option to hire remote talent flexibly. We subscribe to rental services in most aspects of our life, so why not staff? Sift through an already vetted pool of qualified employees who’ll bring their specialist expertise. 

Freelance sites

Check out shared economy freelance sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, FlexJobs, Freeup, or PeoplePerHour for independent experts to match your project. These are great, low-commitment options for jobs that require quick turnarounds. Find the right person, get the job done, pay, and move on.

Figure out the right fit

To earn more, you’ve got to put in more effort—find the right staff to do it for you. Know what kind of person you’re looking for and what their purpose will be. Just like you found the right positioning for your productized service, you need to find the right positioning for your staff.

Once you’ve got your dream team, it’s crucial to keep things organized so your staff can do what they do best. Learn how ManyRequests can help you manage your team (and your time) effortlessly. 

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