What Is a Client Portal and When Do You Need One?

A client portal is a central, online location where a business’s customers can go to access important information. In most cases, this is a secure and private location, with each customer having unique login credentials.

If you’re a freelancer, startup, or agency looking to productize your services, it’s never too early to set up a client portal. Here’s an in-depth look at how a client portal like ManyRequests works and how it can help your business.

4 reasons you need a client portal

Client portals aren’t just nice to have. According to surveys, they’re now an expectation. Statista reports that 88 percent of consumers in the United States expect brands and businesses to have a client portal.

Microsoft puts the number even higher, reporting that 90 percent of consumers surveyed said they expected businesses to offer some kind of online portal dedicated to customer service. If you launch a productized service business without one, you risk disappointing your customers and losing business. 

With these stats in mind, it’s hard to overstate the benefits of a client portal. Here are four ways having one can help your business:

1. Customer self-service

In today’s busy world, people appreciate do-it-yourself services. This is apparent in everything from self-checkouts in grocery stores to telemedicine services available online. Smart businesses leverage technology to give their customers a way to check the status of their account, pay a bill, or place a new order by accessing a client portal.

2. Visibility and status updates 

Customers want to know you’re working on their project. You can send status updates and progress reports manually via email, but this is time-consuming and difficult to keep track of. With a client portal, you can schedule emails, set up notifications, and allow customers to quickly and easily view the status of their request.

This eliminates the need for back-and-forth emails and cuts down on customer inquiries. Everything is visible and transparent, which makes for happier customers. 

3. Customization

Does your productized service business offer a subscription model in addition to one-time services? Or maybe you offer several tiers of services. A client portal lets you customize what your clients see when they log in, ensuring the portal is tailored to their needs.

You can even include a frequently asked question (FAQ) or support section populated with commonly asked questions and answers. By offering customer support up front, you save your customers time and empower them to find answers on their own—which also results in time savings for you and your team. Along with that, having a support page keeps your customers on your site rather than prompting them to go hunting for solutions elsewhere. 

4. Increased productivity 

Client portals allow productized service businesses to automate routine tasks like invoicing, intake forms, client feedback forms, assignments, and status updates. With these tasks off your plate, you and your team can maximize your productivity. 

When do you need a client portal?

Many freelancers, agencies, and startups wonder when it’s the right time to make the jump from fielding customers requests the traditional way to launching a client portal. 

The short answer is that it’s never too soon to use a client portal. We talked above about customers’ expectations—and those expectations are only going to grow as more and more commerce and transactions take place online. Customers want business websites to include a link to a user-friendly client portal where they can quickly get information and updates about their project or purchase. 

If you’re moving from offering freelancing services or one-time project requests to a scalable productized service model, a client portal should be one of the top priorities in your business plan. Without it, potential customers may look for services from other providers. 

Client Portal Solutions from ManyRequests

ManyRequests offers an all-in-one client portal that gives productized service businesses the tools they need to efficiently onboard new clients, get paid promptly, manage customer expectations, and sell their productized services on a large scale.

With ManyRequests, you and your team are free to focus on what you do best rather than getting bogged down by the administrative tasks that can sap your time and resources. Customers can use your portal to get the information they need securely, easily, and quickly. A client portal makes onboarding new clients seamless and hassle-free, ensuring they get all the info they need and you get paid prior to starting the project or request. 

Basically, a client portal is a win-win that benefits both customers and businesses. When you have an existing productized service business or you’re looking to start one, a client portal should be an integral part of your website.  

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A client portal can be a game changer for your productized service business. See how ManyRequests can transform your business by offering powerful client management tools. Start your free 14-day trial today.

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