8 Examples of “Small tasks” Productized Services

One of my favorite business model for productized services is the “small task” model.

Here’s why:

One of the biggest pitfalls of running a business as a freelancer or agency is those never ending projects: Remember those clients that keep changing their mind? Or asking for changes that are out of scope?

Yes, I do as well!

In the long run this can really put a strain on your ability to scale your business.

Here comes the small tasks productized service model to the rescue:

What is the small tasks productized service model?

The idea of the small tasks productized service model is to pick a niche and offer small tasks to solve problems for that niche.

Let’s take the example of GetAds, a banner design service:

They realized marketers and Facebook ad agencies constantly needed new creatives for their campaigns, and created a simple service: Done-for-you banner ad designs.

For a flat monthly fee, their clients can submit all their banner ad requests.

It’s valuable for them to use such service instead of relying on Fiverr or Upwork where they have to sort through a lot of profiles and do interviews.

Why small tasks? Less is more.

Small tasks productized services have three big advantages;

1. No more long projects

Instead of offering big projects that require proposals, changes, and hard to estimate or stressful deadlines, productizing your services into small tasks packages helps you minimizes that back and forth. Your clients just buy your services off the shelf, like a product.

2. Easier to outsource

Long projects require more operational complexity, and training for your team. Also, the chances of a bigger project going wrong, out of budget, or going past deadline is much higher than a simple small service.

As a result, running a small tasks based service makes is easier to outsource.

3. Easier to sell

Finally, they’re easier to sell. A $99/month WordPress maintenance plan won’t require a lot of consideration whereas a $4000 website will require a few days for the client to make sure the scope meets their requirements.

Also, you could up stair step your clients later to other (more expxensive) services.

Let’s dive in with some examples!

Examples of small tasks productized services:

Here are some examples of productized services that follow the small tasks model:

1. WordPress and web development tasks

An example of productized service in the WordPress space is WPBuffs:

They realized website owners often needed small changes (WordPress version updates) or fixes to their website and decided to create maintenance packages and offer them on a subscription-basis.

They recently crossed $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue and even acquired another productized service in the same space.

2. Marketing tasks

Another example of small tasks productized service in the marketing space is Fusemate:

What they do: They provide you with an on-demand marketing team at your fingertips. You can then submit tasks via their client portal.

3. Legal service tasks

Another interesting service is Legalnodes:

They provide legal services to startups such as contracts, company incorporation, and consultation packages.

4. Content writing tasks

Content writing is another popular service that you could productize.

ExpressWriters for example, created a “content shop” with various content writing packages:

This offers a lot of flexibility to companies that just want a few pieces of content written.

5. Shopify tasks

Shopify is another niche where you could create a productized service.

Tailry for example created a productized service in the Shopify space:

They offer two types of service:

– Image retouching
– Store maintenance

6. Amazon store maintenance

Another small tasks productized service example is SellerCandy:

They focused on the Amazon seller central niche and their customers can submit various small tasks and get help for their store.

7. Small graphic design task

A very popular example of small task productized service is small design tasks. One of such examples is Green-Pixel which provides small design tasks for a flat monthly fee and describes itself as the “Netflix for design needs” :

They have two design plans as well as a Webflow plan where they can also code designs into websites.

8. SEO services

Finally, SEO is another big industry where you can productize your offerings into small tasks.

One of such examples is SEOButler which created a “SEO shop” :

They offer various services such as content writing, guest posts, as well as a suite of SEO Services.

Wrapping up…

Launching a small tasks productized services means you package a service into a simple offering. This removes a lot of operational complexity from your business, and selling services as products makes them easier to sell as well (no more proposals)

However this doesn’t mean your business has to be small: You can upsell your clients to higher monthly subscriptions. A small task service is thus a good entry level service to add to your offerings if you’re running an agency and want to start productizing your services.

Lastly, if you’re interested in productizing your services, make sure to join our super active community or start a free trial with ManyRequests.

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