Plutio Vs. Dubsado: Top Differences and Similarities

In this review, we compare Plutio with Dubsado, two business management solutions that are especially popular among freelancers and agency owners.

So which one should you choose?

Both tools are geared towards freelancers and agency owners as they target customers and offer various features: Proposals, time tracking, forms, client portal, invoicing, and also have a suite of automations.

This post will review both differences and similarities of these two tools to provide you with a complete overview and help you with your choice.

We understand that these are also our competitors but we will try to provide a view as impartial as possible to help you decide what solution is best for you.


Plutio is an all-in-one business software. Their features comprise a CRM, invoicing, proposals, project and task management, calendar, forms, automations, and more. Pricing starts at $15/month and they have a 7-day trial.

Dubsado is also an all-in-one business software. Similarly to Plutio they also offer a CRM, invoicing, forms (that include proposals), calendar, project management, automations, and more. Their pricing starts at $35/month and they have an unlimited trial.

Top differences between Plutio and Dubsado

Client portal and client management

One of the biggest draw for freelancers and agencies to choosing a business management solution is to have a client portal.

Here are some important features for a client portal: Manage clients, edit client information, create and send invoices, as well as send forms for e-signatures.

Both Plutio and Dubsado are very similar in that regard but there are some differences:

  • Dubsado as a clearer interface when it comes to having an overview of ongoing contracts and incomplete forms, whereas Plutio has a better overview of all activities of the client.
  • Plutio also has some nice-to-have features in their portal such as the ability to see when a client is online, archived profiles, and local timezones.

At the end of the day, it’s thus a matter of your own tastes since both tools are pretty similar feature wise.

plutiovsdubsado clientportal


The second biggest feature that often sought after by freelancers and agencies is the ability to create and send proposals.

Here’s what to consider:

  • Ease of use: How easy is it to build proposals?
  • Customization: Can you fully customize your proposals?
  • Automations: What happens after a proposal is sent? Are there any kind of reminders?
  • Templates: Can you pick templates and edit them?
  • E-signatures: Can your clients sign the proposal?

In this regard, there are some differences between Plutio and Dubsado when it comes to proposals:

  • Plutio has an extensive “Design editor” which is the highlight of their software. This makes it very easy for non-creative people to make stunning and professional proposals.
  • Dubsado features public proposals. This allows you to embed them on your website and capture leads.

plutiovsdubsado proposals

Project management and tasks

Another important feature of business management solutions geared at freelancers and agencies is the ability to manage projects.

Both tools cover well the basics of project management: Project statuses, project tags, task boards, etc.

Here are some differences between Plutio and Dubsado in that regard.

  • Dubsado features lead captures which Plutio doesn’t have.
  • Plutio seems to have a better overview of all projects. This is especially helpful is you have a lot of projects. I found the user experience of commenting on tasks also more intuitive on Plutio. Plutio also features custom fields for project management which Dubsado doesn’t have.

plutiovsdubsado projectmgmt

Software integrations

Another consideration you may have when choosing a business management software is to know which integrations are available,

  • Both Plutio and Dubsado integrate with Zapier which in turns can connect with thousands of other apps.
  • For payments, both Plutio and Dubsado integrate with Stripe which is one of the most used payment methods to bill your clients. However Plutio also integrates with PayPal.
  • Finally, Plutio also features a Public API which Dubsado doesn’t have.


Plutio features three pricing plans: Solo ($15/month), Studio ($20/month), and Team ($30/month). The difference between plans is that only the Studio and Team plans feature a client portal, and only the Team plan allows you to invite team members. The plan comprises up to 30 team members and $2/month per extra team member.

In addition, you can purchase the white label add-on for $9/month to hide Plutio branding and have a custom domain / email address.

Dubsado features a simple pricing of $35/month which gives you access to all features, unlimited clients, and unlimited projects.

However, if you want to bring team members it starts at $25/month extra for 4-10 users, up to $60/month extra for 21 to 30 users.

Top similarities between Plutio and Dubsado

Time tracking and timesheets

Both Plutio and Dubsado feature a time tracking system which are pretty similar but have a few small differences.

  • Plutio has public links that you can share to your clients. Also you can exports time sheets which Dubsado doesn’t currently have the ability to.

plutiovsdubsado timetracking

Customer reviews

Customer reviews of Plutio

Company/Customer: Simona Frumen.
Review: “Plutio is my most used app. And more than that! The team and Leo are simply amazing- responsive, professional – they solved my questions right away. Highly recommend Plutio for every entrepreneur who wants boost their productivity.”

Company/Customer: Emily Simburger.
Review: “It is simple to navigate with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Perfect for my freelance web design and SEO business and a great price.”

Customer reviews of Dubsado

Company/Customer: Michelle Franzetti.
Review: “I couldn’t do business without Dubsado! The absolutely best customer service and always striving for the best features.”

Company/Customer: Lindsay McGee.
Review: “Dubsado has helped me streamline my processes and provide the best client experience! I am so happy I invested in Dubsado when I first created my business. And not to mention, their customer service is SO amazing. They are super speedy at responding and provide the best support. It is so nice to know that help is just one click away if you need it!”

Common FAQs

  1. If I just start my business, which tool should I choose?

    Both tools are pretty similar in terms of functionalities but Plutio is probably the best option here. The starting price of $15/month only is really affordable for freelancers which are just getting started and need a tool to get their business off the ground.

  2. I run an agency, should I go with Plutio or Dubsado?

    If you run an agency, this depends on the pain points you’re most likely to solve. Dubsado has a few features such as a better lead management that you can convert into paying customers. On the other hand, Plutio seems to have more extensive features and a more intuitive UI which is really helpful when you’ve got a lots of projects going on.

  3. I am a freelancer, should I go with Plutio or Dubsado?

    Both apps here seem to have all features covered to run a successful freelance business. It’s thus more of a matter of personal taste when it comes to which interface you prefer.

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