My goals with Productized Startups (+ Roadmap!)

Hi everyone!

Robin here, founder of Productized Startups! 🙌

Productized Startups’ aim is to become the ultimate hub for productized service entrepreneurs but also agencies, consultants, and freelancers who want to learn how to productize their service and move from consulting to creating scalable and predictable businesses.

Productized services > Consulting

I love productized services. I think that ordering or delivering any kind of digital services online is a very poor experience currently. As a business owner, I have used multiple freelancers and freelancer marketplaces and always had a subpar experience: The projects took longer than expected, communication was not smooth, and the quality was not always consistent.

The solution? Productize your service. By narrowing down the scope of the work you offer and neatly packaging your service, you are able to create a consistent experience for your customers, at a predictable price. Forget proposals, one-off projects. etc!


I founded my own productized service ManyPixels, in December 2017 and grew it to thousands of requests done and 20+ employees. In September 2019, my co-founder took over as CEO and I remain shareholder and part of the board of ManyPixels today. Today, I work full time on this community and my SaaS for productized services.

The reasons is that I felt I wanted a new experience with higher leverage and creating content and building tools that enable others create businesses is what I love doing. It made a lot of sense for me. I plan to share my learnings on doing this in public and let’s see how it goes!

What content will you find on this blog?

  • Interviews with productized service founders. Each interview will show the behind-the-scenes of building productized services, including lessons and failures.
  • Articles specifically on productized service. Feel free to let me know your recommendations.

My current roadmap till the end of the year (2019):

  • Publish at least 15 interviews. (Done!)
  • Write a new book on Team building for productized services. (Done! Book is here)
  • Release our productized service course (Update: Released!)
  • Become profitable (so far my costs are $0/month but I will soon onboard a VA to help me with the outreach, interview publication, and newsletter) (Half done, VA is hired but still not profitable…)

Want to learn more about productized services?

  • Join the 1400+ (now 2600+ as of March 2020) productized service group called Productized Startups. It is full of business value bombs and discussions around building and growing a productized service.
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