Invoicing Clients: How to Get Paid for Your Productized Service

Freelancers are used to creating invoices and emailing clients every month after providing a service. But when you productize, you can put your invoicing on autopilot, charging clients upfront.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? In this blog post, we’ll talk about why you should start automating your invoicing and how ManyRequests can help.

Why you should automate invoicing

The whole point of productizing your business is to scale and increase your profits. If you stick to manually preparing invoices like you did as a freelancer, you will lose valuable time and resources. 

Automation takes care of invoicing clients for you, so you save on labor costs. In fact, one study showed that labor accounts for over half of all overhead costs within a business’s accounts.  

Using automation for invoicing clients can also help you get paid more promptly. The reality is that most small businesses are forever chasing after invoices. In fact, overdue invoices total $825 billion in the United States alone, with the average customer taking 72 days to pay. 

Some apps and software that purport to handle invoicing still send each customer an invoice and then depend on the customer to (1) notice it, (2) open it, (3) enter their credit card and other info, and (4) click the payment button. 

This sets you up for late payments and a higher level of churn—two things your business definitely doesn’t need. 

This is why you need a way to set up automatic recurring payments. If you also offer one-time services as part of your business model, you can use a system that creates automatic invoices each time a customer makes a purchase. 

You can think of it like the checkout section on any ecommerce website: Once you have everything you want in your cart, you simply click a button to go to the payment section.

With automatic invoicing and recurring invoicing, customers pay their invoice at the same time they make their purchase, and you get paid upfront. Fast, easy, and hassle-free. Let’s take a look at how ManyRequests makes it work. 

Automatic recurring invoicing with ManyRequests

With ManyRequests, you can list your productized services on a pricing page that makes invoicing clients easy and seamless. Even better, your pricing page is flexible enough to adapt to your unique business model.

For example, you can set up different tiers of service levels and include a payment button for each one. When a customer clicks the “Get Started” button, the system will send them to an information and invoice page that’s pre-populated with the payment amount and payment dates. 

Here’s a look at an example pricing page you can set up using the ManyRequests platform:

You can customize your pricing levels to include a specific name, price, and menu of included services. This lets your customers pick a level of productized service just as though they were pulling it off the shelf in a store. 

Once a customer clicks “Get Started” they’re taken to a request and payment intake page where they can fill out their billing information, designate what type of subscription plan they want, and input all their billing info. 

From there, they click “Complete Checkout” and make their purchase. The intake form, invoice, and payment are all part of the same transaction, automating your billing process so you can focus on completing the work—not chasing down payments. 

If you offer one-time services, you can add an intake and checkout form to the purchase button to create an automatic invoice when a customer makes a one-time purchase. 

When a customer clicks “Buy Now,” the system will take them directly to an intake and checkout form where they can submit their request and pay their invoice all in one step.

Invoicing clients is easier than ever before

With ManyRequests, you can also create a service catalog that displays all your services right inside your client portal. Customers can see what you offer and purchase your services with the click of a button.

Even better, the system generates an invoice on the spot so you get paid right from the start. The service catalog is also a public link so you can easily share it in ads, marketing emails, and any other place you choose.  

Get a free trial today

ManyRequests makes invoicing clients a breeze. To learn more about productizing your service business, book a call. You can also sign up for a free trial to see ManyRequests in action.  

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