9 Great Examples of Productized Services for Ecommerce

Productized services are still a relatively new concept. But it’s already transformed tons of fledgling freelancers into flourishing entrepreneurs. 

And do you know the two things they all have in common? 

Catering to a particular niche. And positioning that closely resonates with the target audience.

Today, we’re going to be talking about the former—specifically, one of the niches you can target, ecommerce

There are an estimated 24 million ecommerce websites in operation today. And that number is only getting bigger. This simply means there aren’t too many niches as lucrative as ecommerce.

So let’s get you started by going through 9 types of productized services for ecommerce.

Let’s dive in! 

 9 Examples of productized services for ecommerce

  1. Design

Every ecommerce business aspires to be a brand that people love and recognize. 

And while branding is much more than just design, it’s certainly a central part of it. Good design helps an ecommerce business:

  • make a good first impression.
  • make the content user friendly.
  • communicate their values visually. 
  • stand out from the crowd and be recognizable.  
  • alter customer perception and gain brand loyalty. 

Good design serves several vital functions for an ecommerce store. And they require designs for their logos, website, app, landing pages, social media, and all other marketing collateral.

Design Pickle

Design Pickle provides unlimited, high-quality design and illustration work at a flat rate. Their plans start at $399 and include quick turnarounds, unlimited revisions, and seamless communication and support through Slack. They create everything from infographics, GIFs, social media banners, and display ads


ManyPixels is an on-demand graphic design solution for businesses with recurring design needs and doesn’t want to hire an in-house designer. They cater to SMEs, creative agencies, startups, entrepreneurs, and even freelancers. Their plans start at $399. They create illustrations for blogs, display ads, newsletters, business reports, and more. 

  1. Website creation

Every retail business needs a store. And it’s no different for ecommerce, except that their stores happen to be online. 

Some smaller players may opt just to list their products on marketplaces. However, most ecommerce businesses build their websites to:

  • build their brand. 
  • market directly to their customers.
  • provide a better customer experience.
  • be free from the rules of other marketplaces.
  • attract new customers through search engines.

Having a website is an excellent way for ecommerce stores to grow their brand, acquire loyal customers, gain new insights, and get creative with marketing. 

Brand builders

BrandBuilders create done-for-you affiliate and ecommerce websites. Their plans start from $899 for a Shopify site and $1395 for an affiliate site. They verify the niche selected is profitable, do keyword research and competitor analysis, and build high-quality websites. 

Nerd Pilots

NerdPilots is a productized service offering fast and professional web, mobile, and software development and support. They create websites with beautiful UX, clean code, fast-loading speeds, and smooth integrations with applications. Besides website building, they also provide one-off or recurring support for WordPress, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. Their plans start at $39 per month.

  1. Store maintenance

With a storefront built, ecommerce businesses will now want to customize and tweak their website as per their preferences. This will include making changes to the theme and adding custom store features to deliver the best customer experience. Besides this, they’ll need to ensure the website runs smoothly and fix issues as soon as they come up.  


Carson is a team of professionals offering design and development services exclusively to Shopify merchants. To date, they’ve partnered with over 15,000 Shopify stores. They have different pricing models for different needs, including a ‘Flex’ plan for one-off support starting at $79 and subscription plans starting at $249. 

Seller Candy

Seller Candy is a dedicated Amazon Seller Central assistant. Their services include uploading listings, updating images, recovering listings, inventory projections,  coupon creation, etc. They have a couple of different subscription plans starting from $597 per month, going all the way up to $1197 per month for their highest package.

  1. Product photography

Without an in-person retail experience, online stores rely on product photography to bring their offerings to life. And product photography has a significant impact on a customer’s ultimate purchase decision. 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.

Most stores list tens of hundreds (if not thousands) of products each. And if they’re going to convert visitors into customers, they’re going to have to catch the eye and entice them with high-quality photography.


Feedsauce provides custom product photography for ecommerce brands within 72 hours. This includes photos for the storefront as well as social media. They’ve worked with some household brand names like Marvel, Tapout, and L’oreal. Their pricing starts at €30 per image.


Outshinery caters exclusively to wineries. They’ve chosen a particular niche to dominate and do so by creating custom bottle shots, lifestyle images, gift box images, and product videos. They have a couple of different subscription packages, with the lowest starting at $2159 per year. 

  1. Content & SEO

Once an ecommerce business has a store, their next task is to bring in visitors. Content marketing provides a path to get discovered by and engage with potential customers.

Apart from just product listings and their descriptions, every aspect of an ecommerce business needs content, including the website, email, social media, landing pages, ads, etc. And it’s not just about getting discovered, but about strategically creating content to move visitors to the next stage of the buyer journey and ultimately converting them into customers. 

Get Matcha

Matcha is an all-in-one blogging tool for ecommerce brands. Apart from having a blog creator tool itself, their content library contains thousands of licensed articles on various topics, including Fitness, Family, Food and Beverage, Travel, etc. All their articles are high-quality and SEO friendly. Their plans start from $49/month for one item.

Human Proof Designs

Human Proof Designs provides a ton of different SEO and content services for affiliate businesses. Besides creating articles, ebooks, and videos, they also offer SEO services like on-page SEO, keyword research, link building, and guest post outreach. They have a host of different plans catering to diverse requirements ranging from $69 to $3000. 

  1. Finance

Most ecommerce founders will want to be spending time focusing on their business itself instead of managing receipts and reconciling bank accounts. Therefore, they’ll be looking for specialists to handle their bookkeeping so that their finances are in order and they can quickly make sense of it. Besides general bookkeeping and organizing accounts, most ecommerce owners will be looking for someone to:

  • handle payroll.
  • file tax returns.
  • apply for exemptions.
  • handle financial planning, strategy, and training. 

Bean Ninjas

Bean Ninjas is an accounting firm for ecommerce businesses. They have offices across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Their customized bookkeeping plans start at $499 per month. They handle accounts and take care of bookkeeping from month to month besides preparing quarterly and yearly reports. 


Bench is another bookkeeping service dedicated to small businesses. They, too, handle all matters related to accounting and taxation. They have different subscription plans based on your monthly expenses. Their ‘Starter’ plan for monthly expenses below $3000 costs $159 per month. 

  1. Customer support

Online stores need an organized system and the right personnel to deal with customer support. Besides selecting the right ecommerce customer service software, they’ll need the workforce to effectively handle queries related to orders, returns, shipping, and pricing across multiple channels. A successful ecommerce business is always looking to minimize cart abandonment and turn conversations into conversions by providing a positive customer experience. 

The Support heroes

The Support Heroes provides a specialized 24/7 customer support service for Shopify merchants. All their support agents have extensive knowledge about the Shopify ecosystem. Moreover, their agents go through training to learn about a business’s products, apps, and procedures before handling support. Their pricing plans depend on the agent’s number of replies and starts at $1999 per month. 

Help Flow

Help Flow provides ecommerce merchants with the clock live chat team to minimize cart abandonment. Their agents learn about the business and integrate chat into the website as well as abandoned cart emails. Their pricing depends on the amount and quality of traffic a website receives, with plans starting from $2500 per month. 

  1. Marketing

The process of outranking the competition, getting more leads, and converting them into customers is a continuous process for any growing business. Ecommerce stores may be looking for specific services like:

  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Social media marketing

Alternatively, they may be looking to outsource all their marketing activities to a specialist. Both are great avenues for marketers to be offering their own productized services. 


Shortlist’s mission is to be the #1 outsourced marketing un-agency. They offer different services like keyword research, content strategy, link building, and guest posting. Additionally, they even provide the option of selecting a dedicated team member (like Marketing Manager, Copywriter, Designer, etc.) on a subscription basis. Their prices depend on the kind of service and start from $150. 


Ad Zombies creates done for you ads and copywriting for Facebook. Ecommerce owners simply have to fill a form and send the text, logos, and images, and Ad Zombies comes back with the result in a few days.

  1. Human resources 

Every ecommerce store needs the right people to grow and become successful. Besides looking to attract and retain the top talent for the long term, they’ll also need temporary staff for the busy season or specialists for specific projects.  Without the time and resources to do the actual recruiting, they lean on productized services offering HR and VA services to fill this void. 


Bambee provides a dedicated Human resources manager for small and medium-sized businesses. The HR manager understands the business, does an audit, and drafts a plan. They take care of everything from compliance, drafting and enforcing policies, recruiting and onboarding new employees, and the whole nine yards. They have a one-time setup fee of $500 and multiple plans ranging from $9 to $199 per month. 


Boldly provides a subscription-based remote staffing solution. All one needs to do is submit the type of employee you’re looking to hire, and Boldly does the work of screening and matching you with the right fit. Moreover, this comes without the administrative burden and paperwork of adding a new employee to the workforce. Their pricing plans start at £990 a month. 

Want to learn more about productized services? 

So there you have it! 

When it comes to building and scaling a successful productized business for the ecommerce niche, there are tons of different avenues you can go down.

Choosing the right niche is half the battle won. If you follow that up with positioning that stands out and selecting the right business model, you’re setting yourself up for success. 

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