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Different Types of Productized Services You Can Start

Productized services are still a relatively new concept that is gradually gaining popularity.

Many have had tremendous success with it. Others are just starting out. We have collected some examples of different types of productized services in hope that you’ll be empowered to start your own!

Before we dive in, a few things:

Productized Service – what is it?

Put simply, it’s a business model that takes a typically one-to-one client service (i.e. freelance work like content creation, SEO, web design, consulting) that is neatly packaged and sold as a product with a defined scope and price.

Productized services offer unique value. Unlike freelancing/consulting/SaaS, it’s a completely systemized, done-for-you model that is scalable.

Why productize your service?

Well, for one thing – people are more likely to trust a full-blown company than a random freelancer. The good ones can be pretty hard to find, and sometimes it can be quite expensive.

Productized services offer self-employed entrepreneurs to grow their income without limitations by creating something scalable. You will typically have a larger audience and you’ll provide pain-point solutions for many people, especially within a niche.

The best part? Anyone can do it!

Let’s dive into our examples. We have:

Virtual assistant productized service:


Marketing productized service:


Design productized service:


Content productized service:


SEO productized service:


Video editing productized service:


Coaching productized service:

Mindful makers

Website development/maintenance productized service:



While there are many different types of productized services you can offer, we can see similar patterns:

  • Focus: many of them are very niche, doing only one service and doing it well. Many aim to become the go-to experts in their field.
  • Standardization: most services come in packages with a clearly defined scope and rarely ever diverge from this – it allows them to scale and avoids “scope creep”. They often say no to custom requests (although some offer this).
  • No-risk: a lot of these services offer a money-back guarantee for first-time customers to try out.
  • They offer solutions in unique ways: productized services tend to thrive in areas of business where other industries can’t deliver great service (freelancing, SaaS, etc).

Inspired to start your own productized service? Have some insight to share? Reach out to us or post a comment!

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