The Best Project Management Software & Tools for Agencies [2021 Update]

If you’ve been looking for the best project management software for your agency, look no further.

The team at ManyRequests compiled a comprehensive list of tools, as well as their main features and pricing.

Just go through the list, weigh the pros and cons, and decide which software is right for your company!

1. ManyRequests

ManyRequests is an excellent automated solution when it comes to project management for agencies.

Main features:

  • Client communication: allows you and your team to chat with your clients in real-time, as well as receive e-mail and in-app notifications for feedback or project completion;
  • Client onboarding: rather than creating a project for every client, let them go from purchase-to-request by themselves—without any interaction or having to help them through the process;
  • Task management: allow your clients to submit tasks and track them with due date and custom statuses;
  • Service intake forms: reduce the back-and-forth with your clients and collect all the information for their project from the get-go, so your team can start working immediately;
  • Integrations: ManyRequests integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools—, Stripe, Intercom, Crisp and many more.

The Starter plan offers unlimited client accounts and storage for just $59/month. More advanced plans come at $129 and $249/month.

2. EasyProject

EasyProject is a visual project management software for individuals, teams, or entire companies.

Main features:

  • Gantt charts: to visualize and plan your project;
  • WBS: a work breakdown structure to define all deliverables, both for personal usage and team coordination;
  • Quick planner: basic tasks with details (name, duration, deadline) to organize your planning;
  • Project roadmap: for a quick overview of all of your goals for a specific project;
  • Critical path: set up a sequence of tasks to do in a particular order to avoid delays in your work.

Starts at €6/month, billed annually. Business & Platform plans come at a higher price and present additional features.

3. Weekdone

Weekdone is an OKR tool with weekly reporting and goal setting for small and large companies alike.

Main features:

  • OKR Methodology: Weekdone is all about setting up and trying to attain your weekly OKRs (Objectives and Key Results);
  • Weekly check-ins: status reporting, centralized and made easy for leaders to get a better overview of their team’s progress and potential issues;
  • Custom reports: stay up to date with the metrics you want to track, either on-demand (dashboard) or via e-mail;
  • Integrations: with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Asana, Basecamp, Google Tasks, Zapier…

Free for up to 3 users, starts at $90/month for 4-10 users.

4. Nifty

Nifty is a milestone-driven software that aims to combine all of your team’s tools into one powerful project management system.

Main features:

  • Discussions: share files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive, create threads, and turn your discussions into tasks;
  • Milestones: get a timeline view of your goals and sprints in one Gantt chart, and set dependencies between milestones;
  • Tasks: collaborate with an all-in-one Kanban view, have a clear overview of your assignments (sorted by deadlines), and set up recurring tasks;
  • Time tracking: improve your productivity and see detailed breakdowns of how much time was spent on a specific task or milestone.

Starts at $39/month for 10 team members (7-day free trial).

5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a simple project management tool based on agile methodology.

Main features:

  • Agile workflow: visualize your work and determine who’s responsible for each task. Fully customizable columns, tasks, and boards with assignees;
  • Sprints: prioritize your most important tasks and complete them in short bursts for a productive workflow;
  • Automated stand-ups: to keep on top of things, get more done on the daily, and make sure everyone is efficient with their time;
  • Project timelines: Gantt charts, clean visuals, and detailed views on a project’s status.

Free for up to 5 users with limited features, and only $5 per user for the whole range of features.

6. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects offers all the features you’d expect from a simple project management app and comes at a reasonable price.

Main features:

  • Task management: break tasks down into milestones, task lists, tasks, and subtasks, and visualize your whole project with charts and a calendar view;
  • Blueprints: design workflows with a simple drag-and-drop editor, assign teams, and automate task transitions with email alerts;
  • Charts and reports: understand how your team is doing with Gantt charts, resource utilization charts, advanced reports—and more;

Zoho Projects Basic is free for up to 3 users and 2 projects. Premium plans, which support up to 50 users, allow you to unlock all features and cost between €5-€10/user/month.

7. Todoist

Targeted towards small and medium-size businesses, Todoist positions itself as a to-do list software for project management.

Main features:

  • Simple Overview: quickly add and organize tasks in seconds, create recurring tasks, and never lose track of them;
  • Focus: easily prioritize your work with favorites and subtasks—so you don’t need to guess what you need to work on next;
  • Share: delegate to colleagues or employees, get notified on completion, and follow task-specific threads;

Todoist is free to use for up to 80 projects and 5 people per project. Advanced plans come at reasonable rates, between $3-$6/month.

8. TimeCamp

If time efficiency is a main concern for your business, TimeCamp is an excellent time tracking tool for managing your projects.

Main features:

  • Automatic Time Tracking: TimeCamp automatically detects which apps you use and your activity levels for each of them;
  • Insightful reports: analyze what you’ve been working on and how efficient you’ve been with your time;
  • Billing: keep an eye on your billable and non-billable tracked time for easier invoicing and resource management.

TimeCamp is free to use and offers extra features like reports, productivity tracking, and timesheet approvals in their Premium plans.

9. Monday

Monday is a highly customizable project management software for visually clear workflows and process automation.


  • One Workspace: centralize your work by having project management, time tracking, collaboration, and reporting features all in the same place;
  • Templates: use hundreds of pre-defined templates to plan your work, or create your own;
  • Integrations: Monday integrates seamlessly with many of your favorites tools: Slack, LinkedIn, HubSpot, GitHub, MailChimp, Twitter… and more;
  • Views: Kanban, calendar, map, timeline—choose your favorite view and make your next objective crystal clear.

Monday offers a variety of plans, including a free option with basic features as well as more advanced features for complex workflow automations that go from $8 to $16 per seat per month.

Wrapping up…

There’s a myriad of tools out there, and whichever is the right fit for your team is for you to decide.

With this list, we’ve tried to diversify your options as much as possible—and hope to at least point you in the right direction!

Did we miss a tool? Let us know in the comments!

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