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15 Pieces Of Advice From Successful Productized Service Entrepreneurs

How do you run a productized service?

This is a broad question that doesn’t have a single right answer. Being able to run a successful service requires an open mind, flexibility, and grit. 

So, we interviewed some successful entrepreneurs and asked them for advice that would help productized startups no matter where the level of growth is.

From their insights, you’ll learn things from how to pick your market, how to charge, when to hire, first steps, and much more! Check out their advice below:

  1. “Mentorship is key. Find someone or a few people who have been to the top of the mountain and seek mentorship.”
    Zach Smith (Funded Today, $400k/month)

    Learn more about Zach’s crowdfunding business in his interview.
  1. “Have the courage to charge a little more.”
    Dani Mancini (, $30k/month)

    Learn more about Dani’s productized content service in her interview.
  1. “Pick a large and growing market. If you see a lot of competition in the space, that’s a good thing.”
    Harry Morton (Lower Street, $25k/month)

    Learn more about Harry’s podcast production service in his interview.
  1. “Results alone don’t cause the client to stay. You have to be proactive with showing them results and help them see your productivity.”
    Josh Nelson (Plumbing and HVAC SEO, $375k/month)

    Learn more about Josh’s marketing agency in his interview.
  1. “User experience optimization is the most important when it comes to having a good quality productized service.”
    Anna Shcherbyna (Remotivate, $10k-15k/month)

    Learn more about Anna’s remote recruitment agency in her interview.
  1. “Stay laser-focused. When you focus on just one offer, you allow yourself to become the best.”
    Chase Dimond (Boundless Labs, $90k+/month)

    Learn more about Chase’s email marketing agency in his interview.
  1. “Play to your strengths, start something in a space you actually understand or can learn quickly. Build the process. Get the people.”
    Joel Klettke (Case Study Buddy, $330k/year)

    Learn more about Joel’s case study service in his interview.
  1. “Hire early and do as little of the work yourself as possible.”
    Dana Lindahl (Legendary Leadgen, $15k-20k/month)

    Learn more about Dana’s lead generation business in his interview.
  1. “Sweat the details! Be sure to keep your focus on delivering a genuinely outstanding service and experience for your clients – because the rest will just follow.”
    Sandra Lewis (Boldly, $4M/year)

    Learn more about Sandra’s remote staffing company in her interview.
  1. “If you are considering offering your services at a higher rate, do it.”
    Jordan Johnson (RipplePop, $30k/month)

    Learn more about Jordan’s WordPress support service in his interview.
  1. “Put yourself out there. Look for mentors who have achieved what you want to achieve.”
    Eugene Cheng (HighSpark, $600k/year)

    Learn more about Eugene’s PowerPoint agency in his interview.
  1. “An amazing product will only get you so far. It’s the experience that you can create with the support that you give that will put you above the rest of your competition.”
    Nathan Hirsch (FreeeUp, $9M/year)

    Learn more about Nathan’s virtual assistant market in his interview.
  1. “Price fairly, but don’t undercharge, or you will end up feeling very miserable.”
    Daniel Tay (With Content, SGD$300k/year)

    Learn more about Daniel’s content marketing agency in his interview.
  1. “Care about making a product or service that people will talk about. You have to be invested in the success of the people you work with.”
    Davis Nguyen (My Consulting Offer, $100k/month)

    Learn more about Davis’ consulting agency in his interview.
  1. “It’s okay to go slow. It might be frustrating at times, but by keeping the pace reasonable you develop something of unique value while setting yourself up to stick with this in the long run.”
    Jaclyn Schiff (PodReacher, $7k/month)

    Learn more about Jacci’s content marketing service in her interview.

What’s next?

Armed with these little nuggets of wisdom, you can now take actionable steps to start or improve your productized service.

What’s the next step you want to accomplish for your business? Finding a mentor? Increasing your prices? Hiring great people? Niching down to get better clients?

Let us know in the comments and feel free to reach out!

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