10 Examples of Productized Services Landing Pages (and why they’re good)

There’s no question that landing pages are a crucial part of any business today, and even more so for productized businesses.

From generating leads (inbound marketing), collecting data, testing, and making your value proposition clear, the landing page is indispensable for your biz. It might even be the single most important aspect of successful growth.

But what makes a landing page good?

There are many elements that go into a conversion-worthy landing page, so we took a look at a few great ones ourselves!

Check out these 10 examples of landing pages and why we liked them:

  1. Scribly.io

Founder: Dani Mancini
What they do: Content marketing strategy, planning, and production. Their done-for-you service offers an all-in-one, hassle-free package for any business.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Clear value proposition – right away, the first thing we notice is what they do, how they’re unique, and why they’re suited to work with any business.
  • Clear CTA – they offer a FREE strategy call followed by a ‘Book a Call’ button.
  • Social proof – ‘trusted by businesses all over the world‘ proven with examples and testimonials.
  • Video – they made short video to introduce and simplify the process for their clients. Nice!

For more info on her service, check out her interview.

  1. NerdPilots

Founder: Kevin Pereira
What they do: Professionally build and fix websites/software. They offer a 24/7 service and offer a “fast and free” quote.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Their value prop is immediately clear and is one of the first things we notice. They even have a video!
  • Clear CTA – get a fast and free quote by clicking this large green button.
  • Social proof – great ratings from various sources.
  • They added a phone number at the top to make it even easier for clients to contact them.
  • Using pictures of real people to build trustability.

For more info on his service, check out his interview.

  1. ManyPixels

Founders: Robin Vander Heyden, Quentin Gilon, Geoffrey Merran
What they do: Professional graphic design services. They take away the headache of hiring a great designer and getting unlimited designs for a flat fee!

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Clear value prop – they show what they do and why people should care, i.e. all your creative needs in a few clicks, no interviews or contracts, and unlimited design.
  • It’s super easy to sign up – clients can sign up with their email directly on the landing page and get started right away!
  • Social proof – they have an impressive number of clients and testimonials.
  • They provide an attractive portfolio of some examples of their work.
  1. LeadCookie

Founder: Jake Jorgovan
What they do: Lead generation for LinkedIn. They help businesses get quality leads with proven techniques and seamless processes.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Clear & unique value prop – they don’t use bots (yay for humans) and offer proven and predictable results with their niche service.
  • Intro video – straight away we see the embedded YouTube video that explains their value prop to clients even better…and it’s only a minute long!
  • Social proof – impressive clientele, testimonials, and case studies.
  • Risk-free – their 30-day money-back guarantee is emphasized throughout to build trust.

For more info on his service, check out his interview.

  1. HeyCarson

Founder: Jonathan Kennedy
What they do: Customize Shopify stores. Businesses can get a professional developer dedicated to their project within a day.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Unique value prop – they offer services specifically for a niche market that needs it.
  • Success stories – their case studies build trust and showcase their credibility.
  • Impressive social proof – 10,000 Shopify stores! That’s a lot.
  1. Case Study Buddy

Founder: Joel Klettke
What they do: Get case studies for businesses. They offer an easy, hassle-free process that has a dedicated team of experts to help with buy-in to final assets.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Clear value prop – they offer transparency (with their streamlined processes and documentation) and a hassle-free process for getting case studies that sell.
  • They make their focus clear – ‘we only do case studies‘. It shows which customers they want and can give the most value to (established businesses with a lot of success).
  • Great copywriting – a word from the CEO and monthly $ figure makes a strong statement for their credibility!

For more info on his service, check out his interview.

  1. RipplePop

Founder: Jordan Johnson
What they do: Unlimited WordPress developer help. Businesses can get a dedicated professional developer (or a team) in the span of a few minutes.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Great value proposition – they take away the drama and the hassle of finding the ‘right’ developer for any business.
  • Social proof – they have a good number of clients and even more impressive testimonials that show the loyalty in these clients. It adds more strength to their value prop.
  • Introduction video – the personalized video from the founder himself (Jordan) builds a relationship and trustability with clients!

For more info on his service, check out his interview.

  1. AvenueHQ

Founder: Rebecca Toelstra
What they do: Build and maintain websites and digital marketing for real estate businesses. They offer experts for the niche market and affordable rates.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Unique value prop – their niche expertise and skills offer a full service without their clients needing to lift a finger.
  • Niche audience – their marketing services are tailored towards a niche market (realty), marking themselves as experts in their field.
  • They use their real clients’ pictures on their landing page – personalization was a great touch, especially for retention, reputation, and social proof.
  1. SEO Butler

Founder: Jonathan Kiekbusch
What they do: SEO and content solutions for marketers. They offer a wide array of services dedicated to conversion and SEO that their clients can choose from.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Full layout of service – like a nicely laid out menu, they showcase their impressive array of services so you can choose right away which one you need.
  • Unique selling proposition – their products are clearly tailored for marketers.
  • Upon further exploration, we discovered how each product had its own unique landing page that goes into further detail. Cool!
  1. WP Buffs

Founder: Joe Howard
What they do: Handle 24/7 website maintenance and management support services. They offer flexibility and no hassle with different packages/care plans and even a custom plan for website owners.

Why their landing page rocks:

  • Clear & simple value prop – they claim to be the leading service for 24/7 website maintenance and support specifically for their target customers (serious website owners and white-label partners).
  • Social proof – they back up their claim with impressive testimonials and client base!
  • Personalization – they used pictures of their own staff in the background to build relationships and trust with their clients.

Our Takeaway

So what made these landing pages good?

Some basic elements that we found played a crucial role:

  • Each had a well-crafted USP/value proposition.
  • Their overall design also contributed to their business persona.
  • Several made good use of their CTA’s and videos.
  • Social proof was also a huge playing factor in all of them!

There is no right way to make a good landing page – it’s probably the most creative part of your business!

We hope you feel inspired to level up your landing page game. How are you going to optimize yours? Let us know in the comments or reach out to us!

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